tim hunter

tim hunter


As a Singer Songwriter Inventor Humorist Utopian I understand that we are all connected, and laughter and music are great ways to bring us together. Time is flying by, so why not have some fun along the way.


The Weavers, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, The Beatles, Tom Lehrer. All trying to help us to rise above the mundane and see what unites us.
I aspire to that in my music.
I have been on the air in places as diverse as "Dr. Demento", "Regis and Kathie Lee" and "Radio Scotland"



Written By: tim hunter


in times like these i’m searching for somebody to hold my hand
to help explain so i can understand
why it’s so dark is there a clearing past those trees

i look outside at the profiteers and cynics and i can’t hide
no matter how i curl up or pull the shades
the stench pervades & it drops me to my knees

in times like these

in times like these truth is a commodity that’s bought and sold
net worth determined by how much gold
you hold and you fold and what is your name

in times like these you can hardly tell the sinners from the saints
Gabriel & Lucifer they look the same
both of them are crying out “friend you can trust me!”

in times like these

war and famine, greed and sadness, death decay disease
people say”they’ve always been there, so why should we care”, I say “change comes in times like these”

in times like these we all hang together or we hang alone
‘cause either you’re a peasant or you’re on the throne
and the leaders are the followers we just don’t know

it’s flooding deep some are saying prayers some running scared
but doing what’s been done won’t get nowhere
don’t think that even God can save us from these rising seas

in times like these

©2006 Tim Hunter


About to release first solo album-
featuring the interstellar hit "Send Bush to the Moon"

Set List

I do my own songs
Either one or two 45 minute sets
or three if you really beg
or feed me(mainly vegetables please)