Tim Kaye

Tim Kaye

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Lots of keyboard, deep rhythms and big sound define Tim Kaye's music. Gothic jazz is what critics and fans have called it. Got a wide following now only in Baltimore, but in the Midwest from tours over the years.


Tim Kaye is quintessential Baltimore. The post-industrial local artist launched live performance in 2000 and quickly grew a following not only in his hometown of Dundalk, a bordering town of Baltimore city, but in cities in the Midwest.

"When we play in New York, we might not have a big crowd in New York City, but when we play in the middle of nowhere, a lot of people come out," Kaye said. "Maybe it's because there's not that much to do."

Growing up in the heavily Polish Catholic area of Dundalk, Maryland right outside of the city of Baltimore, Tim's music reflects the joys, sorrows and perspicacity of life.

The Baltimore Sun hails Tim Kaye as a "gothic-jazz" musician, although his music is certainly not limited to either genre. Jumping from the piano to the guitar, a Tim Kaye live show is just as acrobatic as it is musical. Tim Kaye has toured around the United States several times performing his original songs.


Lettuce & Tea (2000)
It's Painless(2005)