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The best kept secret in music


"Isolated Rhythm Chock CD Review"

While much of our electronic product assumes kudos from frigid, obscure sounds and carcinogenic beats, this offering is gaga over soaring melodies and heated repetition. Never does Isolated Rhythm Chock get piggy with your attention, more subtly imbibing your body with its frequent symphonic murmur. It's saucy, swaying electronica like this that holds its own because of the modesty and coy sensibilities it employs. The momentum of the album is all over the shop, but this serves to up the surprise ante. Just when strings are moaning hard, your audio rug is pulled from under you and there's rapid-fire bass squelching or hard-stepping to contend with. Some of Thug's music is sad (Dolphin) - while melodies moan beats crawl to a delicious depressing halt. But there's a lot of bouncing around to be had on most of the tracks, even if it is high-end tech or repeated machinations that seem to inhabit a space between two points in time (Obatem). Sound utterly pretentious? On paper, yeah. But listen and it all makes sense. This debut from the 24-year-old Adelaide musician Tim Koch, is nervy and brave. His adoption of the electronic form has paid off. Almost top shelf - Sydney Morning Herald

"Islandtones CD Review"

Even on very good records there can be stand-out tracks, tracks which capture the spirit and sound of the artist and/or the release, that make your hair stand on end, that make your spirits soar. On Tim Koch’s wonderful new record islandtones it is “vakohai”, which features vocals from j. lush. It is a soaring, epic, wonderful piece of electronic mysticism. I first heard it on Triple J, played unexpectedly on the Homegrown program. You know when a song forces its way from background to foreground? Sometimes it happens in a rush as the song leaps out and throttles you. Other times, as with this time, it creeps out of the stereo and slowly envelopes you. Suddenly I couldn’t move, frozen mid-movement as I listened; dazed, awed by what I was listening to. Who is this? It was lush and ambient, slow and sweet. A song for lazy wanderings and twilight hours, for the outpouring of the heart and stillness of the moment. Honestly, this is how it made me feel that first time I heard it, and continues to make me feel every time I play it. But it’s by no means the only track to move me.

On islandtones Tim is showcasing the ambient and mellow side of his sound. It’s all epic sound-scapes layered over sometimes-frantic beats, with deep-throbbing or lilting and uplifting melodies. It’s emotive and magical stuff, the soundtrack to another world. Close your eyes and you’re there, floating on warm air breezes, rendered as light as a feather, as open as the sky. The album should be listened to in one go, as a whole piece, a single story, to be fully appreciated. - www.vibewire.net

"Please Don't Tell Me That's Your Volvo CD Review"

However it is the comic inspiration of the energetic and dance friendly Lull to the happy and saccharine charm of the inappropriately named Tsunami Bros.ii [this being the Barry Handler mix of the earlier version in '98 ]. Whilst conversely Meat Lovers Interlude and the recent My_Document are weird and bizarre in their lack of any sort of track structure. The sublime and captivating conclusion to the album includes the inspirationally ambient symphonics of Binoce and Themaxa. The only other track circa 2000 is the interesting Obatem by Night, full of dark and conflicting sounds it seems to reflect many of the themes of My_Document. But for me the highlights of the album are the cute and bewildering I Split My Etnies and the superlative The Generalist, complete with its growling animal sounds and dolphin samples.Throughout Tim Koch's latest release you will find plenty to keep you entertained and enthused about the potential of electronic art. - www.dbmagazine.com.au


CD: Ultra Violent Worlds (Vorlon) - includes full PC computer game 1998
CD: Isolated Rhythm Chock (Aural Industries) AU, 1999
CD: Please Don't Tell Me That's Your Volvo (Aural Industries) AU, 2000
CD & vinyl: Shorts In Alaska (DeFocus) UK, 2002
CD: Thug:Remixed (Aural Indsutries) AU,2002
CD: Please Don't Tell Me That's Your Remix (Aural Industries) AU, 2002
CD: Islandtones (U-Cover) Belgium, 2003
CD: Where Have You Been, What Have You Done and Why? (U-Cover) Belgium 2004
Minidisc: Mine Is Yours (n5MD) USA 2004

Vinyl: Volume EP (DeFocus) UK, 2001
Vinyl: Two You See (DeFocus) UK, 2001

CD: Soundtracks To Imaginary Video Games Lucky Kitchen, USA
CD: Extracted Celluloid Illegal Art, USA
CD: Beat and Squelch 1 Dump Huck, AU
CD: Fluid Fusion Zygosin Productions, AU
CD: With Naive Assurance That Their Injuries Were Wrongs Inflicted Intr_Version, CANADA
CD: Contemporary Passive Trashcan Vol.1 Dead Culture, USA
CD: Sound Quality Vol1 - Approved for Export ABC Records, AU
CD: TRM Session One Global Recordings, AU
CD: Sound Options Systorm Technologies, USA
CD: Other Animals Couchblip, AU
CD: Perspective Fragments U-Cover, Belgium
CD: 2002AD compilation Surgery Records, AU
CD & Vinyl: SID Musique Erkrankung durch Musique, Germany
Vinyl: MD2 Merck Records, USA
Minidisc: MD2 n5MD Records, USA

CD: Fourplay Digital Manipulation Smart Pussy, AU
CD: Dial What Can You Offer Latent Entertainment, AU
CD: Codec Amalgamation Component, USA
Vinyl: Proem 2=1 Merck Records, USA
CD & Vinyl: MD Appelsap Merck Records, USA
CD & Vinyl: Marumari Remixes Car Park, USA
CD Machine Drum Half The Battle Merck, USA

Computer Games:
Ultra Violent Worlds (Vorlon Software) - Complete score for PC and Amiga game 1998
Nort - contributed in-game music for PC game written by James Reid 2001

Forthcoming Material:
Album on US based label Merck Records [ www.m3rck.net ]
Album on Australian label Surgery Records [ www.surgeryrecords.com.au ]


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tim Koch lives in Adelaide, Australia. He studied for four years at the University of Adelaide’s EMU music technology unit, and has since composed music for theatre, film, television ads, and computer games. A multi instrumentalist, he started his musical career playing Saxaphone and is a dab hand on the drums and bass guitar and has on various occasions provided rhythm back up for Australian band Brunatex.

Over the aural space of five full-length albums, Tim Koch has covered a lot of ground sonically, choosing to experiment with mood and texture, but perhaps never committing wholly to one focused style. Initially coming to the attention of the electronic scene under the moniker Thug, utilising detroit styled percussion immersed within a mesh of rich synth pads, he reverted back to his birth name for his subsequent output, toying with more playful sounds, and eventually settling into more contemplative and considered sounds with the Islandtones release on Belgium’s U-Cover imprint.

His latest album "Faena" distils and refines the elements that have featured in all of his previous releases, drawing on a broader range of sounds including acoustic guitars, female vocal elements, and raw found-sounds. The bulk of the album was written whilst on tour in Europe in late 2004, with a cramped Antwerp loft acting as a makeshift studio.