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Metta Movement

Written By: Tim Krupar

We must love each other...

Loving unconditionally
Accepting reality
Erasing the phrase "I hate"
Completely out of my vocabulary
Because life's too short to hate
And I don't got the time to waste
I'd much rather cultivate
A loving mind state
To have the ability
To clearly comprehend and see
The scope of others' suffering
Wishing them be well & happy
There are no enemies
Only friends who are suffering
From hatred, delusion, and greed
We need to reach the understanding...

That we must love each other...

The obstacles on the path to peace
Are hatred, delusion, and greed
So if we really want to be
The change that we wish to see
We need to individually
Come out of our own suffering
Cultivating loving kindness
Understanding & living simply
Can't fight fire with fire
When we hate we fan the flames
They grow higher and higher
Consuming you
Consuming me
Consuming this community
Now country & globally
But love like water
It's a universal solvent
If there was a problem
Love will solve it!

We must love each other...

I know to say so
Sounds so simple
When in reality the practice
Can be oh so difficult
But that don't mean
That it's impossible
Unless we never try


From Buddha to Gandhi
And every prophet in between
You'd think by now we'd understand
What the teachings really mean
But more importantly
How we apply them to the lives we lead
Are we living angrily
Or are we constantly forgiving

What we can't let go
Will only hold us down
Stuck in a cycle of revenge & violence
Going 'round & 'round
If we use the same means
Then we reach the same dead end
Violence begets violence
And around we go again & again & again...

The only solution is not being a part of the problem.

Where Do I End?

Written By: Tim Krupar

It's a tragedy to see
People continue to believe
That change can come meaningfully
Through violent means
Our only hope of lasting peace
Is solving problems peacefully
A healthy dialogue between you & me
Unification through communication
No more separation from nation to nation
Celebrating unity
Diversity in harmony
Embracing similarity in every thing
One continuous creation
All reflections of vibrations
Give it a name & we're separated into categories
Now problems arise between you & I
When we wrongly perceive
What is "yours" and what's "mine"

Where do I end and you begin
In one continuous creation?
Where do I end and you begin
In this continuous creation?

We misperceive the space between
As being void of everything
When in fact it's a continuation of you & me
We're all one!
Interconnected collective consciousness
What you do to you,
You do to us.
Dr. Emoto took some photos
Of water crystals forming under different stimulus
He was witness to our words & intentions
Affecting the composition of water as it turned to ice
He realized the words love & gratitude
Form perfect crystals
They're absolutely beautiful...

So being that we're mostly water
This raises the question
About our words & intentions
And their effect on the world around us
Could it be that the words we speak
And the thoughts we think
Affect every thing
And if that's the case
Then this human race
Has a choice to make
As to how we relate

Cause we can build people up
Or we can break them down
We can make someone smile
Or we can make them frown

Could it be more positivity
Is what we need to live in harmony?
Could it be?

Anything You Need

Written By: Tim Krupar

Wanna be a star
So you can find me wherever you are
If you lose your way
Just send a wish & I'll make everything okay

Wanna be the rain
Wash away all this pain
And in its place
Only comfort will remain
In your heart
And in your soul

Wanna bring peace & love
Like you never felt before

Wanna be the sun
Shining down on everyone
As I warm the skin
Gonna work my way right in
To your heart & into your soul

Wanna bring peace & love
Like you never felt before

Just wanna be everything,
Anything that you need.


Written By: Tim Krupar

If invaded by a giant insect alien race
Beneath their feet would they turn me into a puddle of blood?
Or would I be forgiven for every insect that I've saved,
For each I set free instead of sending to their grave?
Would it make a difference?
Or would it not matter at all?
I lean toward the latter, for the latter's in line with the law
That karma is just tendency
It's certainly not a guarantee
That what I do unto others would be done unto me
So I save them to save them you see
I don't save them to save me
Done without any expectation of reciprocity
You might ask "why?"
Well I realize that all life strives to stay alive
So who am I to decide who I let live & let die?
But in exchange a subtle change arises in this mind state
A little less fear now & a little less hate
Which have been a plague
And whose stained blanket
Has left me reacting blindly
Living in the dark
As this shroud is lifted
And the light of wisdom is let in
I realize I'm more alive NOW
Than I've ever been
We cut the strings of the puppet
The marionette becomes aware
That these are all just tendencies
And can be replaced with loving care
We cut the strings of the puppet
The marionette becomes aware
That these were all just tendencies
Removed with loving care.