Tim Laigaie

Tim Laigaie


Tim Laigaie has found a method for making rock/pop/acoustic songs but doing it in a way that nobody else does. Mixing rock/pop/acoustic/blues and other genres with his in depth lyrical composition, Tim Laigaie is the definition of thinking "outside the box" while still making catchy pop/rock music.


Every journey begins with the first step and Tim Laigaie began walking early as he wrote his first song at age 11. Now ten years later at age 21, Tim has grown into a resounding pro with his lyrical composition and catchy musical lines. Always a leader and not a follower growing up, Tim writes his music following only one rule - "Think outside the box". With the release of his first EP titled "Out of Focus" this past year, he has and continues to capture the attention of listeners around his hometown of Philadelphia. Having already began writing the material for his follow up to "Out of Focus" , Tim assures that he is only growing day by day as a songwriter, performer and lyricist. So keep your ears open and an eye out for Tim Laigaie as he attempts to break the mold and make a splash in the music industry.




Written By: Tim Laigaie

He's workin day and night
Thinks he'll make it right
Past repent for the mistakes that he made
Trying to pull them out
His family left in doubt
And she cries herself at night to sleep
Too many wrong way turns
The debt of fire burns
And suddenly they struggle to breathe

They're sinking like quicksand
Reaching with both hands as they're going down
Sinkin like quicksand
Their bag of dreams slowly burried in the ground

Too many dreams are broke
And now their lives are soaked
Torn from emotional crusades
Life took a backseat ride
Happiness subsided
Swimming in rivers of their tears
And now six long years
that they've lived with fears
Of losing everything that they've gained
Life took a backseat ride
Happiness subsided
and they're losing their battle to maintain


Why do we fight to keep all our dreams alive
Why do we see nothing but darkness through the light
Stay in the past through our memories
All we're left with now is what used to be
When will you open up your eyes and see?
That we....We are


"Out of Focus" EP - 2008

Set List

Depending on the show...
Usually about 15 originals and 15-20 covers with my own twist