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Don't Call It Love Call It Like

Written By: Tim Landers

So much for promises
I've heard enough to last me
For the end of all time
They're only words we fit into a phrase
To reassure but what we say
Ain't always what we do i life

So much for fantasies
What good is make believe
After the truth comes to light
Tonight we're lying in each others arms
It feels so right, we're safe from harm
But don't call it love, call it like

We've earned our share of scares
By reaching for the stars
Show me yours, I'll show you mine
Then let's go into this thing wide awake
With what we've learned from past mistakes
And don't call it love, call it like

I feel alive with you
And it would be so easy
I could promise you the world and not think twice
Don't want to lie to you
In the heat of one weak moment
When it may be wrong
It may be right

Love, music, art and wine
The good things all take time
Nothing just grows overnight
We've got the passion down and that's a start
But we're still no work of art
So don't call it love
Even if push comes to shove
Don't call it love, call it like