Tim Lane

Tim Lane


You will hear original material with lots of soulful instruments like sax and flutes. This band is not afraid to lay it on the line and play their bottoms off to powerful heartfelt lyrics that the whole audience can relate too, all in a tasty professional manner.


Texas born and raised, he began playing trombone at age 9 in the elementary school stage band. By age 12 although he could read music and play any song to a packed auditorium, he gave it all up to make horrible sounds with a guitar out in the garage. In the 70’s he formed original material bands and was once again on stages as an accomplished musician, setting in as a harmonica player with big names like Freddie King, Bugs Henderson and Alvin Crow.
He left Texas in 1980 to “make it big” his music was too mellow for L.A,s rock scene, N.Y. said it was too simple for pop or jazz and had too much country and rock flavor to make it in blues.
In 2008 he moved to Nashville, it was a perfect fit a musician/songwriter with a lifetime of songs and, Music City U.S.A.
An awesome CD was inevitable


Mama Knew

Written By: Tim Lane

Mama use to rock me
Rock me on her knee
She sang me a song about a house
Way down in New Orleans

She tried her best to teach me
Everything I’d need to know
She said I can’t teach you your colors boy
Cause the blues is all you’ll ever know

I got stung by a scorpion
When I was nine years old
I’ve blistered my bare feet
On many hot summer roads
Been caught out in a hailstorm
With non place to hide
It lasted twenty minutes
And it was softball sized

Mama knew
Mama knew what my life would be like
When she bought me this guitar and said
Just learn to play the blues it’ll be alright

Well times were hard and the rent was due
Mama did what she had to do
She put us up in a motel room
Said don’t worry bout it
Things will get better soon

She worked two jobs
Seven days a week
And it’s a fact she hardly got any sleep
She never bought anything for her self
But she bought me this guitar brand new off the shelf

I was changing a flat tire
With a old bumper jack
I fell in some cactus
Landed flat on my back
Over heated my car when it was a hundred and ten
Had to walk back and forth to a creek r
With an empty Pepsi can

Repeat chorus

I couldn’t find my car keys
I was running late for work
Had to hot wire my car
Got grease all over my shirt
Made it to the time clock
I was just one minute late
The boss said that’s it
I’ve had all that I can take

Mama knew... (Repeat chorus)

by Tim Lane

The Love it must have taken

Written By: Tim Lane

After all was said and done
You’re the one I’d always run to
When I had problems
That I couldn’t face

I never thought about the pain
It must have taken to restrain
To keep from shedding tears
Or just giving up on me

But as the years have tumbled down
Like dominos in a row
I’ve started to realize
The love it must have taken
Watching and worrying
And wondering if I would fall
To be wishing helplessly you could keep
Me from harm at all

Greater love hath no one
Than a father for his son
Or a mother for her babe
There’s a love that goes unspoken of

But I took for granted you were stronger
Than the rock of Gibraltar
And that there were no burdens
That you couldn’t bear
As the years have tumbled down now
Like dominos in a row
I’ve started to realize
The love it must have taken


The New CD is in work it is called LOST BALLADEER Tim Lane