Tim Meils

Tim Meils


Tim Meils has a great sound which is greatly influenced by the songwriting of the Beatles. He delivers a catchy hook in each and every one of his songs along with the ability to play all of the instruments on his album.


Tim Meils is currently a solo artist who has played with many different bands throughout the past years. He puts most of his effort into the recording process in which he plays and self produces all of his own music. His influences include The Beatles, Guns N' Roses., Lenny Kravitz and more. What sets him apart from other artists is the ability to make every song a good song. He creates a hook and a theme for every part of his music.


Out of the Blue

Written By: Tim Meils

Blue, Out of the blue
you crashed into my head
like a titlewave from the ocean

True, yes its true
I've finally given in
although the timings wrong
too strong your potion

My aim is true
and set on you
And you may leave but I will not ever let you go

Blast from the past
you jumped into the now
Opposites attract amid distraction

True yes its true
we started from the end
only for a chance is what I'm asking


Written By: Tim Meils

It’s a feeling I can’t relay
A connection left to fate
As moments pass and time goes by
I meet the IRIS of your eye

The stars are flying in outer space
Here on earth a rebirth in faith
Watching your mysterious ways
Getting stuck in hypnotic gaze

I know, I know, I know, I know
If I was to die, would you hide the tears you cried?
If you were standing next to me,
Would you sidestep your destiny?
Would you step on fate’s affair?
I can see through your devious stare

It’s a symptom I can’t dethrone
To catch a glimpse of the answer shown
The sun is set, the moon up high
I meet the Iris of your eye

The fish are swimming in the sea
Here on land it’s just you and me
Dangers out and I’m well aware
Of getting stuck in your fatal stare

I Wanted To Know

Written By: Tim Meils

I wanted to know

Some say Why talk about love?
Others want to talk about war
Some want to prey to above
And others talk of settling the score

But I've been thinking of you
Hoping thoughts would come true
And right now the question is on my mind

I wanted to know
Baby would you be my little girl
I wanted to know
Take a backwards blinded dive into my world
I wanted to know
would you be my heart redeemer
my all time heat seaker
baby would you be my little girl

Some say why talk about love
some want to talk about pain
some think addiction is grand
some want to drink it away


Has self produced three cd's
-Two Days Till Tommorrow
-Mechanical Soul
-Currently working on Lasoo

Set List

10-15 original songs