Tim Mueting

Tim Mueting

 Austin, Texas, USA

Recently selected as a Regional Finalist in the 2011 Kerrville New Folk Artist competition, Texas based singer/songwriter Tim Mueting is steadily becoming recognized as an emerging Americana folk artist. Most often playing solo with just a guitar and harmonica, Tim's thoughtfully crafted songs display a lyrical depth which evoke a sense of timelessness - painting pictures that span love and loss, people and places, of rural small town life, homeless angels and redemption.

Tim's love of tradi


Growing up in a small town in the midwest, Tim was introduced to a wide variety of music at an early age. From the country music that his dad was listening to like Hank Williams, Tom T. Hall, Roger Miller and Johnny Cash to the more subtle melodies of Andy Williams, Glen Campbell and Mac Davis that his mom loved to listen to. By the age of 6 Tim was singing in the church choir and starting to play the piano, and by the age of 11 he started to teach himselft to play guitar

Radio was the primary source for music at that time and Tim spent countless nights lying awake in bed listening to stations from Chicago, Little Rock, Memphis, and Shreveport - all places that seemed a world away from his little town in Iowa

As Tim entered high school music soon took a back seat to sports and by the end of his senior year Tim he had earned a track scholarship to Iowa State University. By that time southern rock and blues were getting Tim's attention with the likes of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, The Allman Brothers, and The Band, in addition to the outlaw country movement of Willie, Waylon and others.

Tim's track career never did really pan out and after a couple of years he was ready for a change in scenery. He packed everything he owned in his car and pointed it south, eventually ending up in the Ozark hill country. Tim enrolled at the University of Arkansas and eventually earned a business degree, but music, rather than running, became his passion. It was here that Tim came across two records that ultimately changed his life forever; Jerry Jeff Walker's self titled release and Kris Kristofferson's "The Silver Tongued Devil and I".

From there Tim was introduced to the music of Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, John Prine, and the many local songwriters in the area. It wasn't long and he was introduced to Bob Wist, a singer/songwriter who lived in the area. "Bob is just a really great songwriter and one of the finest people you'll ever meet. He really helped me pull things together and improve my playing and provided me the encouragement and the courage to not only play and sing in public but to begin to write my own songs."

Tim entered the business world and music once again took a back seat to career and family. "I have two beautiful kids that I am so grateful for - both are very loving and creative, they inspire me every day."

In 1997 Tim moved to the Austin area and soon the creative juices were flowing again and Tim began to think more and more about writing and performing on a regular basis. It has been a long but rewarding journey which has brought us to Tim's debut record "Long Way From Home" - a collection songs of the road, vivid stories of characters on the edge and tales of love and loss.


Drive-In Picture Show

Written By: Tim Mueting

It’s a Saturday night on the outskirts of town
The cars line up, they come from miles around
The neon lights they flash and they glow
Pointing the way to the nights big show

And here comes Jimmy with his dad’s Cadillac
He’s got Julie beside him, they’ll park in the back
And the Thompson’s are here with the twins in tow
They’ll catch fire flies in a jar and watch them glow

And dad’s got a six pack iced up in the trunk
Mom brought the popcorn just to save a few bucks
Cuz money’s been tight, since the plant had to close
But tonight they’ll have a time at the drive-in picture show

And here comes Jimmy in his dad’s Cadillac
He’s got Linda beside him, they’ll park in the back
And the gang’s all here from the college down the road
It’s Saturday night at the drive-in picture show

Well here comes Frank with his new wife Jolene
He works at the station, pumping gasoline
He’ll wash your windows, check the air in your tires
Buy a round at the tavern every once in a while

And Jolene cuts hair at the solon in town
She dreams of a family, lots of kids all around
But that’ll have to wait, there’s a recession you know
But tonight they can dream at the drive-in picture show

And here comes Jimmy in his dad’s Cadillac
He’s got Brenda beside him, they’ll park in the back
And the gang’s all here from the college down the road
It’s Saturday night at the drive-in picture show

Everybody get ready the sun’s goin’ down
Get back in the car turn up the sound
Grab that blanket from the back, there’s a chill in the air
Snuggle up close, there’s no time to spare

Cuz’ in a few years this place will be gone
Boarded up windows and weeds overgrown
We’ll have movies eight, sixteen and twenty four
Cell phones and itunes, progress for sure

We’ll have internet cafes twenty-four seven
We’ll all be connected, Hell, it’ll be heaven
No more movies out under the stars
No more time to catch fire flies in a jar

Cuz time is money so surely you know
There’s no more time for the drive-in picture show