Timmy B

Timmy B


TimmyB is an award winning composer of instrumental contemporary jazz and world music. As a performer, Tim actually has 2 different bands. MASK is his jazz fusion project, playing his original works and fusion classics. The 2nd is Sequel Dose, Missouri's best 70's classic rock cover band.


Winner of VH1's Song of the Year for May 05 (jazz category), Tim Broadbent pushes forward with 2 projects chock full of mind blowing musicianship and energy! MASK is Tim's jazz fusion project, headlining Jazz after artwalk in Springfield, Mo. and performing all of Tim's original works...Influenced heavily by 70's jazz fusion, (Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorious, Weather Report) this music captures the audience with deep pocket grooves that make the body move. The rest is improvisational magic. Sequel Dose is Tim's classic rock cover band and has already played for Harley Davidson, multiple bike rallies, and is being flown to Daytona, Fla to play for Fairfield Resort's east coast Xmas party!
It's hard not to be loved when every song on your set is somebody's favorite. Picking the more challenging tunes is this band's specialty, leaving other cover bands in the dust to do clean up with the easier stuff...
visit myspace.com/maskfusion and myspace.com/sequeldose

Set List

MASK-handful of Tim's originals and Fusion standards: Chameleon, Rockit, Watermelon man, Birdland, Cantaloupe Island, the Red One, So What,
Lonnies Lament, Dear Prudence, Minuana, etc..

SEQUEL DOSE- Black Dog, Over the Hills and Far Away, Black Betty, Frankenstein, Baba O'rielly, Won't get Fooled Again, Renegade, Smokin', Hair of the Dog, Never Been any Reason, Sweet Home Alabama, I want you to Want ME, Tush, La Grange,
the Ocean, Revolution, Magic Carpet Ride, Fire, Hey Joe, Joker, Jet Airliner, Born on the Bayou, Down on the Corner, Rock and Roll hoochie coo, Best Friends Girl, Just what I needed, etc...