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Timothy Bailey and The Humans

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Another Favorable EP Review"

Richmond-based Timothy Bailey and the Humans write Americana roots rock with eclectic pop twists. Their songs are sweeping with many different pieces woven in for extra delight. Vocally it’s driven by multiple harmonies and sweet melodies. Nice organ play adds an extra dimension. Good stuff.

Click: http://smother.net/reviews/items/modernrock/1704/Timothy_Bailey_and_the_Humans-Ecoutez%21_Ecoutez%21.php - Smother.net

"TB&TH on The Drop!"

THE DROP: Spotlight is a look into an album that we, around the offices, absolutely love. For the debut Dan talks with Virginia native, Timothy Bailey. The Spotlight is on his recently released Ep entitlted Ecoutez! Ecoutez!. Released on Cherub Records in June, Bailey seems to be channeling Tom Waits, circa 1980’s REM and the man in black himself, Johnny Cash. Call him a genius, call him a dreamer of dreams…

click: http://www.thedroponline.com/?p=68 - The Drop!

"Nice Local Blurb"

...Bailey’s pop-folk sound [has] a haunted edge, a brooding thing that’s balanced by The Humans’ lightness of touch on the instruments.

click: http://styleweekly.com/article.asp?idarticle=12599 - Style Weekly

"Positive Canadian Review"

A good EP is like a good short story or film: you have to say a whole lot and get it understood with a limited amount of space. Timothy Bailey & The Humans appropriately named Listen! Listen! shows a great deal of promise for this outfit as they lay out six brilliant examples of how wonderfully listenable a pop, rock, folk, country mix is. - Lucidforge.com

"Great Dutch Review"

Five in a row

Who tastes the honey? Roof of the mouth becomes the roof of the sky. Who tastes the lye? The taste of the lie that scorches the tongue?

And in my worst dreams I become inanimate

but somehow I still feel everything

Timothy Bailey fell into a hole. A deep hole of silence and despondency. In the early nineties the man from Richmond, Virginia played in bands like Schwa and Fashion Central. A few singles saw the light of day. Then Bailey turned his back on music. Years of work and struggle followed. Now Bailey is writing songs again. And he has The Humans. The eyebrows of the neighbour woman will rise when their names were mentioned, but my heart was beating faster. No, not because of my neighbour woman. But that's another story.

Johnny Hott. Drummer of the sublime House Of Freaks. And besides Human he is also a Sparklehorseman. Or Armistead Wellford?! One of the men of the renowned Love Tractor. And then there are also John Gotschalk (once in The Knievels) and Corey Waldrop (a man of jazz). In the cd booklet the name of P. J. Sykes is mentioned.

There are five songs on Ecoutez! Ecoutez! On the site of the band a sixth is added: a fine version of Lucinda Williams' Sweet Old World. The Honey & The Lye is the first song. Immediately it strikes. An accurate strike that is. A beautiful melody and synthetic keyboards who without knowing so, praise the life that dallies about voice and strings. Or maybe they do know. The bass and the drums that are in the refrain are recorded hard and dry. They jump into the ear. In Bailey's voice we can hear both Greg Dulli and Fred Eaglesmith. In the music the latter also can be traced. Just like House Of Freaks. Length Of String, the last song, is magnificent. The best song on the album. Here a faint echo of the early R.E.M. can be heard. Again these keyboards. And a bass that walks around the song as if it wants to protect it. Great is the break. The songs seems tired and everything appears to have been said. Suddenly, in the echo of a keyboard, somee hits. On a guitar. There is a lot more to say. And the other three? You may ask. The Pretty Lights (with a slightly surfing guitar)? Moonstones?

She has mood eyes

And moonstone earrings -

Now she is mine

Oh God, can I accept so sublime a gift?

He that can read well hears what it says. Colorado Girl. It opens with this sentence.

Met her in a coffee shop in Durango

This also speaks for itself. The keyboards, I did mention them before, will divide spirits. Once again I say that they, without knowing so, praise the life that dallies about voice and strings. Or maybe they do know. You can decide to think them ugly. Incomprehensible. But it is possible. In that case you must think the neighbourhood woman is a beautiful woman. (Wim Boluijt)
- Hanx.net

"More Positive European Press!"

(English translation coming soon)

Tien jaar geleden nam Timothy Bailey min of meer afscheid van de muziekwereld. In die jaren, beginjaren negentig, speelde de man uit Richmond, Virginia in bands als Schwa en Fashion Central. Deze bands brachten een aantal 7� singles op de markt, respectievelijk bij Brilliant Records en SpinArt in the U.S. Pas verscheen bij Richmond's Cherub Records van Timothy Bailey & The Human's hun debuut EP "Ecoutez! Ecoutez!". Nu blikt Bailey terug over de laatste tien jaar, waarin hij vele nummers bleef schrijven. Op deze EP vinden we dan ook vijf songs terug, vijf prachtige akoestische alt-country songs die bewijzen dat hij een uitstekend songwriter is. Dus dit is zijn eerste solo-EP in tien jaar tijd, waarop Timothy Bailey wordt bijgestaan door the Humans, bestaande uit muzikanten uit de Richmond muziekscene, zijnde John Gotschalk (The Knievels, The Red Hot Lava Men) op keyboards en backing vocals, Johnny Hott (The Piedmont Souprize, House Of Freaks) op drums, Corey Waldrop op bas en P.J. Sykes. De plaat opent met een klassieke up-tempo rocker met de titel "The Honey & The Lye". Kort daarop krijgen we terug te maken met een upbeat nummer, "The Pretty Lights". Maar dit is nog slechts het onstuimige begin. "Colorado Girl" is puur twang, een country singer/songwriter-liedje waarin Bailey in zijn stem een beetje van Dylan's stem weet te verweven om te eindigen in een meer Costello-achtige sound. Met het laatste nummer "Length Of String" laat Bailey je vijf minuten lang de oren spitsen. Een prachtig slepend nummer met een gitaarloopje, een repeterend ritme en geen refrein, misschien wel de uitschieter van dit EP'tje. "Ecoutez! Ecoutez!" is daarbij mooi verpakt met de Cherub Records' ideologie van "handmade music in handmade packages". Timothy Bailey & The Human's en pure alt-country voor mensen van nu. - Rootstime.be


"Ecoutez! Ecoutez!" a 5-song EP released on Richmond's boutique label, Cherub Records. Samples are available by clicking the AUDIO tab above. Full EP available at the iTunes Music Store or by request.



In 1992, Timothy Bailey moved to Richmond, Virginia where he co-led the bands Schwa and Fashion Central. Those bands released 7" singles on Brilliant Records and SpinArt in the U.S. and Elefant Records in Europe.

After several years of extensive touring, Bailey burned out, selling all his equipment and dropping out of the music scene entirely. Over the next 10 years, Bailey held a variety of jobs, did a stint in grad school, fell gravely ill, and recovered.

Richmond's Cherub Records released Timothy Bailey & The Human's debut EP "Ecoutez! Ecoutez!" in June 2006. The recordings show a hard-won maturity and optimism that could only arise from a painful and honest reckoning with life's low points.

Bailey's main songwriting concern is how people try to maintain a realistic sense of hope in the face of life's worst difficulties.