Timothy Cushing
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Timothy Cushing

Bridgton, Maine, United States

Bridgton, Maine, United States
Band Folk Rock


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"The Fanzine Review"

"When I first encountered Tim Cushing, he seemed like - from his hat, to his shoes, to his strumming - the embodiment of a sweet ode to some troubadour folk past that New York just doesn't have anymore, at least not in the same places (look at what the IRS is claiming Annie Leibowitz' Greenwhich Village properties are valued at, and you'll see how the times have certainly changed). From his first EP to his first LP Cushing has evolved quite a bit too. Imagine Daniel Johnston with a good picking band and minus those stifling ghosts that interfere with art. Cushing must have done something really good in his past, 'cause if he has ghosts, they are the good, driving kind. If you dig Bob Dylan, Violent Femmes, or The Moldy Peaches, Cushing would fit right along in that 'genius list'."

-Casey McKinney - TheFanzine.com

"Weekly Tape Deck Review"

"Above all I will say Tim Cushing’s music is charmingly understated. Cushing folk songs can easily draw comparisons to Daniel Johnston, Jeff Mangum, and more recent artists The Tallest Man On Earth, Deer Tick and in a strange way his delivery is similar to Yoni Wolf’s; yet Cushing does not let his influences paint a picture of his music, but rather a mural. His most recent album Telephone Lines brings to mind mid-century beat culture and the traveling aesthetic associated with it and namely Kerouac. Cushing’s music is at once sorrowful, uplifting and enjoyable to the last chord." - WeeklyTapeDeck.com

"The Fmly Review"

"Oh Timothy Cushing, how sweet you are. The delivery of a one sided conversation to someone you care about is something we all hold way too familiar, and Cushing says what’s up to this curious fantasy with playful ideas on par with rolling down grassy summer hills. Folk with a kick of spunk to it, these tunes won’t cure a heavy heart but they’ll certainly make one appreciate the weight." - thefmly.com

"Hello Vegetables Review"

"Timothy Cushing remind(s) you that there are human beings writing and performing personal songs that have what you would call an authentic Voice if you were talking about fiction and weren’t afraid of getting things mixed up with the singing kind of voice (which also happens to be personal and authentic)." - HelloVegetables.com

"Cows Are Just Food Review"

"it’s folk in that storytelling sense, the same cockeyed wordplay that dylan dug or the beats liked to spew. kindof like if why? grew up on the band and not kool herc. yeah the fellas voice sometimes sounds like leonard cohen on helium (a fact which i fucking dig) but this is an entirely beautiful little long player that only a cold-hearted bastard couldn’t like." - Cows Are Just Food

"A New Band A Day Review"

"Timothy Cushing is crafty – in every sense: his songs are both sneakily insidious and subtly constructed to give the air of quickly cast-off folk-rock. In reality, of course, songs like Dandelion Wine have been sweated over and refined more times than a bottle of expensive vodka."

-Joe Sparrow - ANewBandADay.com

"Part Time Music Review"

"With his latest LP, appropriately titled Telephone Lines, Cushing reflects life outside the urban sprawl where all you see is miles and miles of open terrain with only a never-ending asphalt path and a seemingly endless supply of t-shaped telephone poles interrupting nature’s beauty. No doubt relatable to everyone living from The Appalachians to the Southwestern mesas, Cushing is able to channel the care-free nature of small-town America and provide a soundtrack to all those relaxed afternoons on the porch with nothing to do except to shoot the breeze and watch the cars slowly go by one-by-one....Cushing possesses that unique voice and unfair amount of talent that so many singer-songwriters would kill to have."

-Bryant Heath - PartTimeMusic.com

"Tuneage Review"

"Timothy Cushing’s influences are a who’s who of American troubadours: Dylan, Nelson, and Waits, to name a few. The music on Timothy’s debut record, Telephone Lines is relatively standard folk fare, but the instrumentation is varied and the arrangements never feel dull. The thing that really drew me in, however, is Cushing’s voice. At times, Cushing sounds a bit like John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, and as far as I’m concerned that’s A Good Thing. Cushing also has a lisp that sneaks through every now and again, which (however unintentionally) gives the music a kind of vulnerability that I find endearing."

-Bill Israel - Tuneage


2006 - Evening Gown EP

2009 - Telephone Lines LP
Singles: Dandelion Wine, Heather, Ocean Salt



Raised in the enchanting hills of the wooded East, Tim Cushing’s musical sound is rooted in American folk. An avid listener of music his entire life Timothy took piano lessons at an earlier age and later turned his interest to the trumpet. With this background, he taught himself guitar.

In 2004 Timothy moved to New York City to study English. It was there that he teamed up with classmates to form the folk rock outfit The Red Rogue. Inspired by groups such as The Band, the Red Rogue played in various prominent venues in the city as well as in upstate. However, after two years band members began to move away and drift apart making it increasingly hard to keep the group going.

After New York Timothy moved to Asheville, NC where he determinedly began a solo pursuit. With the help of Matthew Dublin (former member of Ambulance LTD and current member of The Red Romance) and drummer Ezra Oklan (Ambulance LTD, Oakley Hall) Timothy began to shape his first solo LP. The album was mostly planned through e-mail and recorded in two brief visits to New York. With Dublin’s production and the musical help of friends Telephone Lines was created.

Since the album’s independent release, Timothy has toured from his home state of Maine to Texas and written produced and performed the entirety of a soundtrack for the documentary Forever Wild. With the help of good friend Colby Nathan, he is currently working on his sophomore LP entitled Hunting Songs In An Attic. His peephole into tribulation, travel and growth creates work ultimately individualistic in nature.