Timothy Cushing

Timothy Cushing

 Bridgton, Maine, USA

My songs are rooted in a tradition of American folk and country with an Indie twist. I take inspiration from acts such as Bob Dylan, Jeff Mangum and Townes Van Zandt. My tunes come from my unique storytelling style that was cultivated in my backwoods Maine upbringing and American travel.


Raised in the enchanting hills of the wooded East, Tim Cushing’s musical sound is rooted in American folk. An avid listener of music his entire life Timothy took piano lessons at an earlier age and later turned his interest to the trumpet. With this background, he taught himself guitar.

In 2004 Timothy moved to New York City to study English. It was there that he teamed up with classmates to form the folk rock outfit The Red Rogue. Inspired by groups such as The Band, the Red Rogue played in various prominent venues in the city as well as in upstate. However, after two years band members began to move away and drift apart making it increasingly hard to keep the group going.

After New York Timothy moved to Asheville, NC where he determinedly began a solo pursuit. With the help of Matthew Dublin (former member of Ambulance LTD and current member of The Red Romance) and drummer Ezra Oklan (Ambulance LTD, Oakley Hall) Timothy began to shape his first solo LP. The album was mostly planned through e-mail and recorded in two brief visits to New York. With Dublin’s production and the musical help of friends Telephone Lines was created.

Since the album’s independent release, Timothy has toured from his home state of Maine to Texas and written produced and performed the entirety of a soundtrack for the documentary Forever Wild. With the help of good friend Colby Nathan, he is currently working on his sophomore LP entitled Hunting Songs In An Attic. His peephole into tribulation, travel and growth creates work ultimately individualistic in nature.


2006 - Evening Gown EP

2009 - Telephone Lines LP
Singles: Dandelion Wine, Heather, Ocean Salt

Set List

My set lists vary depending on band members and venue. I have sets everywhere between 15 minutes and two hours. Covers have included "That's Alright Mama" by Elvis, "Maggie Mae" by Rod Stewart, and "Ophelia" by The Band.