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"2002 Sears Drama Festival"

...Timothy David brings back two awards at the Sears Drama Festival in Brantford. ...The music he wrote and recorded for the production of "The Golden Door" garnered critical success and resulted in the judges awarding both the original score award and music composition award. - St. John's Eagle

"Hamilton Music Notes"

Timothy David is a newer name on the local landscape, but with his recently released debut CD, Tonight And Songs For The Morning After, he hopes to make a splash. A pop record that mixes David’s jazz, classical and theatrical leanings, Tonight veers from an indie rock rocker “Don’t Go” to a Hawksley Workman dramatic treatment of “Your Poison, My Waltz” to the James Blunt type breathy delivery of the title track. It’s an eclectic mix of style, but with a focused intent on connecting him with his audience. “I hope when you listen to it you feel free of any ideas that might separate you from the simple communication of the song,”
explains David. “I guess that’s why any artist makes any art. “I’m trying to embrace the idea of the listener and I in simple communication,” he adds. “I’m not saying ‘listen to my struggle and appreciate my art,’ but more like this is our moment, the listener and me, whether you’ve got it on at a party, over dinner,or screaming down the highway.
“There won’t be any virtuoso self–indulgences so the audience doesn’t need to worry about being bored to death with over–drawn solos,” muses the singer on his stage approach. “The
songs are dramatic so I think that makes the show dramatic but I feel accountable to the audience. That alone makes it more than a rock show to me.” Timothy David plays at The FRWYCafé this Friday October 27 at 9pm. - Ric Taylor for View Magazine

"Paris musician releases new CD"

Paris musician Timothy David is on top of the world right now, awaiting the release of his first CD, titled Tonight and Songs for the Morning After.

The 21-year-old describes his CD as “worldly and of its time.”

“It’s definitely a pop record for sure. It’s not typical of what you would hear on a rock record. There is a mixture. I have a blues piece, tango, soft stuff and even something to take you back to the 1920s Cabaret.”

David began working on the record a year and a half ago and an earlier demo version was released in 2003. All of the songs, written by David, are inspired one way or another by the community or memories of growing up in this community.

For example, one song titled Haunt of the Sunflower Field, is a reference to the sunflower field on Highway 24. Another song, The Woman who Wept Too Little, is inspired on a series of plays by local theatre enthusiast Hue Sutherland.

Besides writing and singing all the songs, David also plays the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, base, drums, and a soprano sounding banjo.

David had the opportunity to sign a record deal but turned it down, opting to save up his own money and produce it himself. Indie Pool distributes and is mass manufacturing the record, which will be available across Canada in several record stores, including HMV and independently owned stores by June 27.

At one point in time, David taught guitar lessons at the Paris Academy of Music, but that is not all. “I’ve had a really fluent career in composing. Such as doing the musical aspect of plays behind the scenes.”

He began studying classical guitar at age 11 but his passion for music really flourished at the age of 15.

On June 17 he will perform at Club Absinthe in Hamilton at 6 p.m. and the following night he will perform in Brantford at the Ford Plant (1 King St.) at 7 p.m. Admission will be free. “I really think I owe something to the community for supporting me for so long,” explained David. - Bowes Publishing, Casandra Bellefeuille

"Dark and edgy sound"

For the past five years, Timothy has performed professionally, primarily as a member of tribute bands, studio sessionist and developed a strong reputation as a composer for plays and musicals. While much of his work has taken him to stages away from the Brantford area, Timothy has kept a strong place in his heart for his home town.

While many artists would be satisfied with the career Timothy David has built for himself, he was not. Something was missing and he set out on a journey of introspection. The experiences, thoughts and feelings that journey brought to the forefront of his mind were then turned into music and, after a great deal of work, that music made it into a recording studio and the upcoming release of his CD Tonight and Songs for the Morning After.

Having only spoken with Timothy on the telephone and listening to his CD, I wasn't sure what to expect as our first face-to-face meeting arrived. The fellow I spoke with on the phone was very enthusiastic and full of energy. The artist on the CD was quite the opposite, quiet and mellow. I was unsure of which Timothy would meet with me last week but it was sure to be interesting. I am happy to report that it was the enthusiastic and energetic Timothy who joined me for a chat on my deck. After the usual chat where the artists shares their background, professional experience and the information about the coming CD release, Timothy and I had the chance to just chat. I learned a lot about this young man and the journey that took him to the recording studio. Timothy didn't just sit down and write a couple of songs summing up his life. He opened his soul and looked deep within himself. The resulting tunes are a glimpse into what makes this artist tick and how the various experiences of his life have affected him at his very core.

Timothy has been quite surprised to hear from some, me included, that his CD has a dark, edgy sound. To speak with him, he is neither dark nor on the edge of society. He is full of passion and enthusiasm. He has the aura of someone who lives life to the fullest and always sees the glass as half full. It seems that he was even a bit surprised by the sound that came from his introspective journey. Timothy, the communicator, wants the listener to hear some of their own experience or emotion in the song and connect with them on that level. Timothy, the artist, is just happy to have taken the journey. He has put his music out there and people will take from it what they do, the process was what mattered.

Often it is quite easy to place the musical style of a CD in a category or draw a comparison between the sounds on the CD and those of popular musicians we are all familiar with. Tonight and Songs for the Morning After is not one of those CDs. I spent hours trying to categorize the sound and come up with a comparison with something my readers would recognize. I didn't have any luck. As you listen to the CD, you hear pieces that bring to mind a number of other artists. Names like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Doors and Pink Floyd kept popping into my head but none of them seemed to quite fit. I finally thought that it could be best described to my readers by the kind of evening I envisioned myself having when I listen to this CD. I came up with a quiet night at home, after a long week at work, a cup of tea, or maybe a glass of wine, curled up on the couch relaxing. That's my vision. Yours may be quite different.

Timothy is receiving a lot of notice as he sends his music to radio stations. As is often the case, he is getting a great deal of interest from places in the American and European markets. As for your opportunity to experience the music of Timothy David, he has finally announced his CD release party date. The initial launch of the CD will take place on June 17 in Hamilton at Club Absinthe. Local fans need not feel left out as there will be a local release on June 18 at the Ford Plant in downtown Brantford. Following this weekend, the CD will be available for order from HMV, many independent record stores and from Timothy's website: www.timothydavid.ca The website will also be your best bet to keep up on all the great news as Timothy's CD reaches audiences around the world and here at home.

Robin Sweers, The Brantford Expositor Spotlight Column. - Brantford Expositor


Tonight and songs for the morning after (June 2006)

There is a tentative street release date of June 27 for this album. There is a distribution deal in place. So, if there is an HMV or any independent/mom & pop record shop in your town/city then, it is very possible for us to arrange and promote a show with you at your club/cafe/theatre and your local media.

Please feel free to contact me: timothy@timothydavid.ca (519) 717 6743


Feeling a bit camera shy


This is my point form bio, for my full bio please visit my official website: www.timothydavid.ca

Timothy David has:
- Been trained classically as a guitarist
- Worked as a sound technician for many notable Canadian artists such as: Jann Arden, Colin James and Jesse Cooke at the Sanderson Centre in Brantford, Ontario
- Won several awards composing music for stage and musical theatre
- Released an independent CD: Tonight and Songs for the Morning After Release date: June 27, 2006
- Performed with acclaim at notable clubs: Club Absinthe & The Casbah in Hamilton aswell as The Ford Plant in Brantford
- Consistently topped online charts and been a listener picked favourite aswell as a featured artist at: Soundclick.com (charted #1 in Alternative and Indie), ArtistLaunch.com, Garageband.com and idolunderground.com (Charted #1 in Rock)
- Been featured and requested on many college/university radio shows in Ontario and continues to receive interest from stations across Canada and in America