timothy haystack

timothy haystack


Timothy Haystack is a Singer/Songwriter bringing a zillion positively charged ions of original newgrass/funk-folk to the acoustic stage. Catch him live and see just how long you can keep your feet still.


timothy haystack is a joint venture between timothy's old life and his new venture in reemerging as a solo artist. In and out of bands since shortly after birth, this artist has dabbled in a little bit of everything. Trying to merge some of the rawness of former garage youth and the acoustic roots traditions he grew up with, timothy strives to bring a dance-able, funk-grass, get yourself moving vibe to his performances. Not satisfied with playing the role of the "guy with the acoustic in the corner," timothy is seeking to find opportunities to play for a crowd with a pulse.

"I love to get people up dancing, " says timothy. "It's a great time to see folks enjoying themselves and the music."

Writing music for the last couple decades means one other important thing to timothy, "I love that I can honestly say my original songs don't all sound the same, I think that's an unfortunately big hurdle for a lot of acoustic musicians."

"Seeing this guy play is magical," says Mitch Bruce of the York Post "It's like taking a ride back in time to your prom and having everything go as perfect as you ever thought it could...amazing!"

Don't miss an opportunity to see, hear, or book timothy haystack! It will be unforgettable, Trust Me.