Timothy Monger

Timothy Monger


Lush summer pop with the harmonic warmth of the Beach Boys, the craftiness of XTC and the range of Tim Buckley.


Timothy Monger writes hazy pop anthems you won't hear on the radio, but should. They spin mercilessly across the universe making you heady with the nostalgia of summers passing you by. They spill out of your glove compartment like long-forgotten mix tapes and coffee stained road maps. Ornate, austere folk-pop anthems lovingly crafted for you by a Michigan boy with a heart in the past and the past on his sleeve.

As one-third of a team of songwriters in Michigan's eclectic rock group The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love (TOBASOL.), guitarist/vocalist Timothy Monger gained national attention with two stellar releases on the Brooklyn, NY label The Telegraph Company. He founded the band with his older brother Jamie in 1996, inspired by other sibling bands like Minneapolis' Trip Shakespeare and the legendary Beach Boys. They bent their focus on intelligent songwriting, vocal harmony and intricate arrangements. Their debut album, The Legende of Jeb Minor was released in the Spring of 2000 to critical accolades and college airplay all across the United States.

The band's sophomore release, an artful love letter to their native Great Lakes called H.O.M.E.S. Volume One was released late in 2001. TOBASOL continued to tour in support of the album and eventually showcased at several of America’s top festivals including Austin's South by Southwest, New York's CMJ and Boston's NEMO festival. Of the album, the Iowa Press Citizen wrote "The resulting "TOBASOL Sound" is a shimmering blend of '60s-era Fairport Convention, "Odessey & Oracle"-period Zombies, Austin's The Gourds and a dash of XTC."

During breaks from the band, Monger continued to perform solo acoustic shows as he had been doing since the age of 16. With the excess of personal material that comes from working within a multi-songwriter band, he began to lay down tracks for a solo album in his spare time. The songs he had been saving were more notably based in the pop realm than TOBASOL's avante folk-rock. Producing the album and playing a bulk of the instruments himself, Monger has arranged a dense pop record filled with lush strings, multi-tiered vocal harmonies and hooks around every corner.

Monger's debut Summer Cherry Ghosts was released in the summer of 2004 on his own label No Bitings Records. The album was subsequently picked up by Japanese indie Trolley Bus and released in Japan with two bonus tracks in June 2005. This year also saw the debut release by Monger's band the Great Lakes Myth Society on Stop, Pop & Roll Records out of Texas.


Radio Harvest

Written By: Timothy Monger

Radio harvest,
Aggressive sunsets bake the radio
And murder conflict.

Radio harvest,
Two feet forward at the light you go
Radio harvest,
Reception clear, Motown is here

Radio harvest,
Soundtrack to sublime summer nights
Radio harvest,
Hey Tonight... Piano Man

Radio harvest.

The Margaret Letters

Written By: Timothy Monger

Margaret, Margaret
On a San Diego beach
Loosens collars on the waves of water priests
And calls the schools of fish on holiday
Margaret writes me

Margaret, Margaret
Is a late at night-time wish
A sunkissed California longshot
With a man at sea
And time to gratify my whimsy
Margaret writes me

Margaret, Margaret
I've read maps for you
I know you live just South of Cardiff-by-the-Sea
But do you go to Scripps Aquarium
That's where I'd be.

Cleveland Heights

Written By: Timothy Monger

Hurrah! This is my last dollar
And my baby's waking up
And the moon is breaking up with the sun
This is our last hour
What a joy to see the Maumee rolling by
Like chocolate milk
Past its hulking mills

And I love you
And the band we saw just blew my mind
And this car is fun to drive
And Cleveland Heights is fun to find

Hurrah! This is my last dollar
And my darling's waking up
And the moon is breaking up with the sun.



Summer Cherry Ghosts - Japanese Version w/ bonus tracks (Trolley Bus - 2005) CD
Summer Cherry Ghosts (No Bitings - 2004) CD

Great Lakes Myth Society:

Great Lakes Myth Society (Stop, Pop & Roll - 2005)

The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love:

H.O.M.E.S. Volume One (Telegraph Co. 2001 ) CD
The Legende of Jeb Minor (Telegraph Co. 2000) CD

Set List

Most sets consist exclusively of original material.

Cleveland Heights
Laundry go Round
The Margaret Letters
Radio Harvest
Sunday Night Swing Dancing Lessons
Summer is Over
Self Sounds
Pining, Drinking, Understanding
No. VI
Marquette County, 1959
Michigan & Trumbull
The Ice Cream Hat
Vintage Schwinn Enthusiast
Summer Birthday
Cold August Tires
Dark Problems

Occasional covers include:

One Summer Dreamn - Electric Light Orchestra
Ballad of El Goodo - Big Star
Fight Test - The Flaming Lips
Baby's Coming Back - Jellyfish
Baby Stick Around - Joe Jackson