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tim poole

 Kosciusko, Mississippi, USA

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you don't understand

Written By: tim poole

You Don’t Understand
Tim Poole

V1 Capo4 - C G Am F C F G x2 – F G F G
I’m just one and there’s a million more
Kids like me no one cares for
I’ve been mistreated and I’ve been hurt
Lost in a system that doesn’t seem to work
And sometimes it’s hard to let my feelings show
And it’s hard to open that door I keep closed … and

Chorus C Am F G x2 - C
You don’t understand why I’m the way I am
You haven’t walked a mile in my shoes
It may not matter to you but I didn’t get to choose
Who I am … No .. you don’t understand

Life shouldn’t be filled with broken dreams
And it ain’t been easy for someone like me
Seems I’m always … on the outside lookin’ in
Lookin’ for somebody I could call a friend
And I still haven’t found the answers I need
And I’m still searchin’ for what I want to be


Bridge G Am F C - G Am F G
I’m still hurtin’ and I keep on searchin’
I guess it’s somethin’ I’ll always do … ‘cause


a river flows

Written By: tim poole michael lawrence

A River Flows
Doc 05/27/11

V1 Capo2 … C Am F C – Dm C Dm F G x2
All snowflakes are different
But they begin and end the same
And every river started with a single drop of rain
We’re just like a snowflake
Or a stream that rushes by
And the path of least resistance is the one we always try

Chorus F C x2 – F C Gmaj Am F G C
A river flows … a river flows
Life has changed like footprints in the snow
We burn our bridges down but there’s too much water below
Where ever we go … a river flows

Father Time keeps marchin’ on
Like our weary souls
Innocence and laughter were often hard to hold
We traded love and kindness
For things that we’d been told
And it took so long to figure out you reap what you sow


Bridge Am F C G x2
We watch the sun as it rises then we watch it disappear
And we realize we’re just passin’ by just like all these years

Wherever we go a river flows

who i'd say goodbye to

Written By: tim poole

Who I’d Say Goodbye To
Tim Poole
DOC 9/17/09

V1 G D/F# Em C – G D C B/G D – C G D
I keep searchin’ for that feelin’ the first time I got high
I thought I was Superman I thought I could fly
It’s been several years now and all I can find
Is the face of a man who has my name I don’t recognize
And I think about the past and I think about my life … and

Chorus G Em D x3 Em D – C D G
Who I’d say goodbye to when I die
Would anyone give a damn would anyone cry
It may not be tomorrow but I’m runnin’ out of time
And who I’d say goodbye to when I die

There’s no doubt I’ve hit bottom ‘cause I can’t see any light
And Hell is much darker than i ever realized
Any hope of my redemption is nowhere in sight
I’ve passed the point of givin’ up and I’m too tired to fight
All my friends have disappeared and my will to survive


Bridge C D G C – Em D C G D
I pray the Good Lord takes me while I’m asleep
That I’ll wake up in Heaven where I can live in peace
And I’ll remember the people who really loved me
And forget about the man I used to be

And who I’d say goodbye to when I die