Tim Pritchard

Tim Pritchard

 Dayton, Ohio, USA

These songs embrace the bittersweet charms of life amidst a faded midwestern culture. The hills and plains of southern Ohio are filled with broken dreams, nostalgia for a time long passed, and a lingering enherent beauty lurking beneath the urban sprawl and suburban artifice. Keep it surreal!


It Shall Be Revealed is a record which chronicles my experience as a twenty-something from southern Ohio. Sounds boring...but have a listen; I promise it isn't. It's an album that is both down to earth and totally far out at the same time. It's a musical journey that begins upon the Weary Lone Horizon and ends with the hopeful refrain of It Shall Be Revealed. Between the beginning an end, a character (amalgamated from my own experiences and those of people around me) wanders aimlessly, finds spiritual enlightenment, loses sight of said enlightenment, finds love, loses love, gets it all back, grows up, and finds peace in understanding that truth lies somewhere between the tangible and intangible where the past becomes the present becomes the future.

So when I say it like that, it sounds deep. When you listen to it, it sounds like a basement party for people who spent most of their childhood chasing butterflies and flower fairies, and became the type of adults who do everything they can to hold on to that magic. I'll see you there...

Tim Pritchard
(just beyond the gates of 2012)


As Tim Pritchard

Tim Pritchard-It Shall Be Revealed (2012)

If She's Gonna Bend 2012 (receiving airplay on NPR affiliate WYSO-www.wyso.org)

With Flyaway Minion

Flyaway Minion-Fair Travels (2005)

Flyaway Minion-Evil Press (2006)

Moonsteps (2006) (receiving airplay on NPR affiliate WYSO-www.wyso.org)

With American Static (Bass)

Amour, Espace, Temps (2006)

Set List

I play primarily original songs and can arrange cohesive sets to fit any time frame. Covers include tunes by Gene Clark, Gram Parsons, Donovan, Bob Dylan, The Flying Burrito Brothers, and Tim Hardin.