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Close Your Eyes

Written By: Tim Rees

Did you ever really know
Know what you’re supposed to do
Did you ever feel love
Or did it just lie to you
Maybe sometimes you’ve got to go
Go with you’re eyes closed
Put your foot out don’t think it through
Don’t worry ‘bout what’s going to happen to you

(Close your eyes, don’t you dare look back)
You’d better close your eyes,
Close your mind
Don’t you dare look back

Did somebody steal you
Steal away the truth inside
Replaced it with another soul
One that was filled with pride
Anyway it’s all over now
And here you are left all alone
I can feel how much you want to cry
You’re so sorry but you can’t apologise


You can stop your crying, the night is almost through
You don’t need to worry, it’ll never come back to you
Even though the memories will still knock upon your door
You don’t need to let them in, soon they won’t knock no more


Soon Enough U'll Know

Written By: Tim Rees

I fall in love, deep in love with you
Just watching what you do, soon enough you’ll know
My mind’s made up, made up on you
Just watching what you do, soon enough you’ll know

How long have we known each other
How many times have I been your shoulder
When your heart’s been broken
And it’s all over, over

Picked you up when you fell to pieces
You do it all again, do it for no reason
Don’t know who you’re teasing
When you tell me your feeling’s, feeling’s

Wanted so long to say I need you
So strong can’t breath without you
But I’m not allowed to
And I don’t know how to, how to

Look at you like I want to say something
It’s on my mind but I just say nothing
But I’ve been caught
And my heart is pumping, pumping


You’re sitting right there but I can’t touch you
That’s for lovers that’s not what friends do
Let’s break the rules
Do you feel like I do, I do

I touch your hair and I feel reckless
You touch my hand and make me nervous
Then you pull me in
And make me speechless, speechless

What do I do when I loose control
When you reach right in and grab my soul
You look in my eyes
And say you’ve always known, known

It feels so good to be invited
If you’re my home want to be inside it
I’m jumping on
I’m going to ride it, ride it