tim relleva

tim relleva


I sing and write about the life I lead as a vagabond musician and raft guide . Living throughout the u.s. and abroad has inspired songs of the old west , wild rivers and broken hearted romances that litter the landscape of every heart, the art of telling these stories through song is my way of life.


The songs I perform have fire and energy told from the perspective of a person who has lived from the Appalachian mountains to the canyons of West Texas where working and playing hard is essential to survival. This life is reflected in my songs . The light shines through the music . I have been influenced by all genres of music and there are no limits to what I write. I love folk and blues as well as respecting the great songwriters of the past.


Come My Way

Written By: Tim Relleva

Well her coal black hair entangles me
and rocks me like the deep blue sea
your eyes the eyes of dreams come true
and my hearts but a river that she rows clear through

Katy wont you come my way, oh katy dear
Katy wont you come my way round here

Well there in the garden as the sun falls down
shes pickin up the peppers that lay on the ground
theres none so pretty and none so fair
as the girl that stands with the coal black hair


Well you can tear down the bridge that takes her there
burn this town man she dont care
shell climb the mountains where the tails dont run
and in the heart of darkness shell paint the sun
come my way,round here

At night sometimes when the screech owl cries
a listenin for a love with his lonely eyes
she calls it closer for company
I love it when she calls just to be with me
come my way , round here


Well her coal black hair entangles me
as we ride down the road and the wind blows free
her smile and eyes a dream come true
and my hearts but a river that she comes clear through


In 2008 I released a full length cd with 18 songs called "Superwave" . This first album was recorded in Arden,N.C. In november of 2009 to great acclaim . This work contains 18 songs personally penned . My second album "Bus to Nowhere" was recorded in Dublin ,Ireland In 2010 and is availiable everywhere. I get continuous airplay on Pandora with these two recordings .

Set List

I dont do covers as a musician. All are original with an average of 3/ 45 min. sets. Since releasing the first 2 recordings I have written so many more songs that I play live to sharpen before entering the studio again come February 2012.