Tim Rice

Tim Rice

 Scarborough, Maine, USA

A Maine native, Tim has been playing and writing songs for over 40 years. His eloquent heartfelt lyrics combined with his
unique vocals and guitar work have pleased audiences whereever he has played. A studio musician In Los Angeles, Tim now resides
in Scarborough Maine, splitting time between New York and Atlanta and points in between, where he continues to do what makes
him happiest, playing his songs for fans old and new.


Tim witnessed the development of popular music in the States that began in the 50's from a small town in his home state of Maine. From the blues, jazz, folk and rock and roll. he was immersed in it. His dad, Herb, was a music lover, and introduced Tim to jazz; Christian to Pass, Goodman to Dorsey, Getz to Mulligan, Joabim to Gilberto, and Ella to Sarah he heard it all. His dad told him "you don't have to like it, just listen". Tim is the brother of former singer/songwriter Jeff Rice ("Greenspace"), a renowned folk singer whose beautifully crafted songs and musical curiosity influenced Tim's aural concepts and imparted to him the beauty and power of song. Tim studied with Dexter Huntoon who encoraged him to focus his talents and take music seriously. With his musical vision growing and a need for adventure and stories, Tim hit the road. From the Virgin Islands he began writng songs and performing them, landing him songwriting and studio work in Los Angeles. During this time Tim collaborated on numerous studio projects and was a lead vocalist for the band "Music of the Spheres", with Hollis Payseur, Ron-Jon Polito, and the incomparable Joe Jewel. Returning to his roots, Tim focused on simply writing his songs and doing what he loves most, playing them for audiences around the world. Tim's music has been described as "roughly eloquent, songs that evoke memories of forgotten shadows, songs that make us feel connected to each other." In an interview Tim said "my songs are songs of interaction, of empathy, of yeah I've felt that way." As one reviewer explained "Rice's engaging and spontaneous style on stage, blended with his soulful vocals and guitar work, convey not only the message but the feeling, making each performance fresh and exciting." Welcome to the music of Tim Rice


Texas (adaption)

Written By: Tim Rice

words /music
tim rice
c ascap
lillegronne music
theys pretty girls in Texas
driving white cars in Texas
such a fine way to go,
such a fine way to go
oh rodeo, here we go
driving white cars in Texas

they is farm land inTexas
the good strong hands of Texas
such a fine way to go,
such a fine way to go
oh rodeo, here we go
driving white cars in Texas

there that moon over Jessie's bridge
the cities come alive
Its March Madness Time
and a long drive
to Texas
Jump, jump up
We on our way to Texas

they is lone stars in Texas
drivin' white cars in Texas
such a fine way to go,
such a fine way to go
oh rodeo, here we go
drivin' white cars in Texas
Jump, Jump up
We on our way to Texas


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