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Tim Riffle incorporates an uplifting melodic blend of country-pop stlye with heartfelt values and universal themes of love, heartache and joy. Unique, yet commercial vocals make Tim and his music very catchy, likeable, and sell-able to a variety of audiences and musical preferences.


Combining the unique vocal phrasing of Rascal Flatts' Gary LeVox with the soothing tone of Avalon's Jody McBrayer, Tim Riffle has created his own blend of country-pop, flavored with a hint of gospel.

With a childhood spent in Southern California, Tim gained firsthand experience in the performing arts. From his first performance in church at the tender age of 6, Tim has considered the stage his second home. Classically trained with renowned vocal coaches, Tim has spent years sharing his gift in churches and schools across the United States. After numerous cross-country tours and hundreds of concerts, Tim is comfortable playing to all types of audiences and has a uncanny ability to gauge the mood of the audience and present music specific to their tastes. His first composition, "You Are Mine" has been featured on CCM radio and was selected as a finalist in the Starfish Song Writing Competition 2006.

Tim's first solo effort, self-entitled, is available now, featuring four tracks penned by himself. He counts himself fortunate to collaborate with drummer Ricky Lawson (Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston), guitarist Michael Alvarado (Yolanda Adams, Mary Wells) as well as bass player Daniel Baker (Tommy Walker). The project is an inspirational mix of melodic song writing with honest lyrics vividly depicting universal themes of love, hope, heartbreak and joy.

"It is my passion to share music that both inspires and challenges people. While based on my own experiences, my music is written to resonate in the heart and to meet each individual where they are at during particular points in their life. On a lighter note, I hope and pray for listeners to just relax and enjoy some good music, whether that means singing along to a catchy chorus or grooving to a cool beat."

With a desire to add to the growing popularity of country music, Tim strives to add several pop elements in his music which enables him to cross genres smoothly, drawing more listeners to his growing fan base.

There is no denying the solid, consistent vocals Tim displays. And unlike some singers or bands that sound great on recordings and not so up to par live, Tim's voice cuts across just as bold and consistent in a live setting as it does on recording.


No Turning Back

Written By: Tim Riffle

Vs. 1
They all say to leave you, just walk away and be through
I couldn't see it any other way
Why did I try to hold on? What I thought was love was all wrong,
a game of sharades

Enough manipulation and built up aggravation, why could I not see?
Been stuck in this for too long, but now it's time to move on
No turning back for me

Now I'm free to be me
Burn the past, these memories won't last
I'll move on without you
Say it's true, you thought I'd never leave
Think again, there's no turning back for me

Vs. 2
No more mr. nice guy
Your pity party won't fly
Everyone can see
I'm done with feeling guilty when there's no reason to be
You'll always turn it back on me

Enough manipulation and built up aggravation, why could I not see?
Been stuck in this for too long
And now I'm trying to move on
to who I'm made to be


Now I'm free to be me, standing strong, it's time to move on



Self Entitled EP released June 2006:

I Need You
What if Wishes Dont' Come True
Better With You
You Are Mine

Set List

Typically Tim's sets run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Again, depending on the venue and what the host calls for, that is very flexible.
While Tim enjoys performing his own music, he is a big fan of many great cover songs as well. A typical set involves about 1/2 original 1/2 covers.
Example set list:

I Need You (original)
I Don't Want to Be
Shine On
Better with You (original)
What if Wishes Don't Come True (original)
Sittin on the Dock of the Bay
No Turning Back (original)
You Are Mine (original)
Testify to Love