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Tim Rose

Burlington, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Burlington, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Band Comedy Folk


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"Tim Rose"

By: Kathryn Vercillo

Folk music has a long, rich history with names known and unknown dotting the dates along its continuum. Through all of that history, folk music has maintained the theme of being music about the average person. More specifically, folk music is about storytelling, and it has usually been about telling stories in such a way as to make the difficulties of life easier to bear by sharing them with one another. Comedy is much the same thing. Comedians take the touchy issues of life and put a humorous spin on them, sharing them with listeners so that we can all laugh a little bit about the things that are sometimes hard to bear alone.

Tim Rose takes the qualities from both of these worlds to produce music, which is entertaining, interesting and fun to hear. He combines a comedian’s sense of humor with a folk musician’s ability to share stories and gives listeners the sense that he’s the kind of guy you’d want to spend time talking with at a party. He adds to this a striking talent for word play. For example, on “Maiden Name,” he sings that his “mom’s maiden name is Dyke … D-Y-K-E, no van or von to soften the blow” and makes us further laugh when he says that “they say it’s all the same, what it is that’s in a name, and a Rose by any other would smell sweet.”
Although his songs stand out for their ability to produce a quick rise to laughter, there is a more serious side to Tim Rose. He sings softly about love and he sings passionately about family life, allowing fans to get a true sense of the person behind the music and perhaps making them think that this is not just a fun guy to party with but perhaps one to get to know better.
- Northeast In-Tune Magazine


Virtually Live - 2006
Miscellaneous Podcasts - 2006
Phidippidations Podcast - 2005
Family Album - 2004
The Basement Tapes (w/AwryZen) - 2003
Mid-Life Con-Sessions (w/AwryZen) - 1999
Homeless Souls - 1991
Tim Rose EP - 1983



Tim's oddball perspective is a fun romp through the trials and tribulations of day to day life. If you're looking for a laugh-out-loud good time and a party atmosphere, then look no more, Tim's your guy.

If you're looking for slasher, screamer, death rock, then this probably isn't the place for you...unless there's a lot of money involved.

Tim's Bio Rap (In Process)

Born on a mountain top in Tennessee
Tim started singing songs before he was three
Used ta' watch local bluegrass on TV
Sittin' in the chair on his paw-paw's knee

Next thing you know Tim's singing in the choir
Couldn't read the words but sure could sing higher
Had his first solo when he was in the first grade
Didn't talk much 'cause he thought he had it made

Flash ahead to the future now Tim's in Mary-land
So he started up playing just to get a girlie friend
You can hear all about it from his one man band
On "Can You Get Me Into Heaven, Friend?"

He went back to the mountain top to get a degree
Where he learned about actin' and directory
Learned a little jazz, played around in bars
Started writing songs he plays on his guitars