Tim Rose

Tim Rose

 Burlington, Massachusetts, USA

Tim's humorous, witty and sometimes outrageous songs are about the trials and tribulations we face daily. Since his life is at least half way over, he's in a real hurry to develop a retirement plan other than flippin' burgers at McDonald's. You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll be glad you were born.


Tim's oddball perspective is a fun romp through the trials and tribulations of day to day life. If you're looking for a laugh-out-loud good time and a party atmosphere, then look no more, Tim's your guy.

If you're looking for slasher, screamer, death rock, then this probably isn't the place for you...unless there's a lot of money involved.

Tim's Bio Rap (In Process)

Born on a mountain top in Tennessee
Tim started singing songs before he was three
Used ta' watch local bluegrass on TV
Sittin' in the chair on his paw-paw's knee

Next thing you know Tim's singing in the choir
Couldn't read the words but sure could sing higher
Had his first solo when he was in the first grade
Didn't talk much 'cause he thought he had it made

Flash ahead to the future now Tim's in Mary-land
So he started up playing just to get a girlie friend
You can hear all about it from his one man band
On "Can You Get Me Into Heaven, Friend?"

He went back to the mountain top to get a degree
Where he learned about actin' and directory
Learned a little jazz, played around in bars
Started writing songs he plays on his guitars


I'm Mad

Written By: Tim Rose

Some people say that I'm enthusiastic,
foolish some say or inane.
But I've been declared non compos mentis.
The fact is I'm mildly insane.
Touched, some would say, or even quite cracky,
Mindless or cuckoo or nutty or whacky.
I'd like to say that I'm crazy for you love,
but the fact is that I'm simply mad.

Reason you see means nothing to me.
I live in a world all my own.
You'll find me waiting just around the bend,
fruity as a nutcake at home.
So you ignore me but I'm not impressed,
Depressed or happy or glad
I'd like to say that I'm crazy for you love,
but the fact is that I'm simply mad.

I used to be in an institution,
the place with the soft padded cells
Where they pilled me and stabbed me and soaked me in solutions
Until I had gotten quite well. They put me on meds and they put me on the street.
And so for a time I did swell
But once upon a time I forgot my medication
now here I am as crazy as hell.

Not angry nor seething nor irate nor wrathful
though maybe I'm fit to be tied.
Not ireful nor sore nor hot under the collar,
if so I said then I'd say that I'd lied.
Crazy as a loon, mad as a hatter
I'm totally out of my head.
I'd like to say that I'm crazy for you love.
But the fact is I'm stark raving,
The reason's I'm depraved,
Who cares what the facts is I'm mad!

Dottie Lou

Written By: Tim Rose

Dottie Lou, what do you want me to do, Dottie Lou?
Should I just stand at the bar, Love, and talk until two?
Tell me what do you want me to do, Dottie Lou?

She's got long brown hair and a slinky smile
And when she starts to shake it, lord, she drives men wild
When you're steppin' out with Dottie Lou you're steppin' out in style
She make you feel like a man in just a little while.

Dottie Lou, what do you want me to do, Dottie Lou?
Should I just stand at the bar, Love, and talk until two?
Tell me what do you want me to do, Dottie Lou?

You think she ain't lookin' when you lay down your cards
But I can tell you brother that she's lookin' hard
Well, you might look good but you can't see far
And she's off before you know it in somebody else's car

Some say she's been misguided and others say she's hard to tame
But everybody gets excited when they mention her name
The women all get indignant and the men all go insane

But tell me is sweet little Dottie Lou really the one to blame?


Written By: Tim Rose

O' Mama Catbird swaying in the breeze
Singing for her life up in that old persimmon tree
Hey, Mama Catbird, drop that old disguise
Who do you think you're fooling?
Better take to the skies.
Who do you think you're fooling,
With them old Mama Catbird lies?

O' Mama Catbird shakin' her catbird tail
She thinks that when she shakes it she make every thing swell
Say Mama Catbird you're just a little behind
Who do you think you're fooling
You must think I'm deaf, dumb and blind
Who do you think you're fooling
With then old Mama Catbird lines

Too many fish in the ocean. Too many stars in the sky.
Too much of my precious time is wasting
Just sitting here wondering why.

O' Mama Catbird what you gonna say
When old Papa Catfish pick up his whiskers and swam away
Hey Mama Catbird your time is growing short
Who do you think you're foolin'
You're down to your last resort
Who do you think you're fooling Batting them old Mama Catbird eyes?


Virtually Live - 2006
Miscellaneous Podcasts - 2006
Phidippidations Podcast - 2005
Family Album - 2004
The Basement Tapes (w/AwryZen) - 2003
Mid-Life Con-Sessions (w/AwryZen) - 1999
Homeless Souls - 1991
Tim Rose EP - 1983

Set List

Tim's set list typically consists of his original songs. He is happy to play the music of others just as soon as they start playing his music, or he has a compelling financial incentive to do so. A sampling of Tim's normal set includes songs such as:

Maiden Name - A comic tragedy of unfortunate circumstance. Perhaps it was an abberration of an appalachian appellation.

God Loves Me (But He doesn't really care about you.) - The zealot's theme.

She is his Queen - What will happen next now that the swing set's chains are gone?

What We Make It - Uplifting tune about self-determination

I'm Mad - What's really going on with that crazy homeless guy dancing on the corner.

Solitude - There are no heroes among the lonely only martyrs mocking time.

Dottie Lou - Some say she's been misguided others say she's hard to tame.

Self-Medicating - I don't have a problem that I can't address...

No, Means No. (But, Yes Means Now!) - The real facts of life

Too Old to Die Young -