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Tim Scott

Denton, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Denton, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Tim Scott Rarely Fall"

After a couple of words was I
conquered and speechless. Scott
is a freshly hatched singer-songwriter with this melancholic accent I love
so much.MazzMuzikaS
(Patrick Donders)
- MazzMuzikaS

"CD Review"

   Tim Scott’s “Fabletown” is not your run of the mill debut CD. It contains everything the Americana, country and roots fan could ever possibly want. In fact, the only problem with a debut CD like this is that it sets a very high standard for things to come. However, with Scott’s ample, demonstrated talent on this CD, there is little doubt that he is up to any such challenge.
   The CD gives you a masterful compilation of instrumentation, singing and songwriting. His rich, powerful voice adds a dimension to his imaginative lyrics that make listening to him simply pleasurable.
   Tim sings a type of honest, grassroots country music that creates vivid, lasting images and has an energetic versatility to it such that you are equally comfortable dancing to it or just listening and kicking back with the beverage of your choice. Give him a listen and you will be glad you did.

Brenda Barbee - RMR Staff Reviewer
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"CD Review"

Tim Scott
This CD kind of comes at ya like a stranger that takes some time getting to know.  As a prophetic word spoken, a neighbor whom fits that same description just walked by.  This music is well done and completely written by the artist..  This one is called Fabletown, but a lot of these tracks could easily be wearing human shoes.  Track 1,"The Old Man Walked Away",  is a good song story and has a good feel to it that could easily be stretched out into a great fifteen minute jam piece.  Track 2 "Life With Lyndon",  is a pretty song about a life wasted and gone that had great potential.  The song includes very nice fiddle and harmonica.  The title cut, "Fabletown", starts out like something out of an old saloon and goes on to have Tim creating fables on his own life.  This music has a sound of its own...unique and individual, but one must ask himself is this fact or have you stepped into fabletown?  Track 6 is an upbeat fable titled "Sweet Marie".  Like other fantasy numbers, The Stones "Girl With
The Far Away Eyes", The Band's "Up On Cripple Creek", to name just two of many.  But unlike other fantasy girls, this one shoots him dead in the end, a strange twist.  How bout a good ole train song found on track 10, "Ol' Train Whistle".  The song says maybe she's crying out to you, and I would ask maybe she's wanting  you to climb on board to Fabletown.  "Hint of Grace" is track 9 that reads like poetry of a love that never found  one to love.  This music was recorded down around Austin, it's got potential.  I hope it finds it's way to The City Limits Stage.  The final track called "Don't Be Alarmed" could fit into a number of formats such as Texas country, alt. country or jam. It's not done with smoke, mirrors or Shazam- it's just good music out of Fabletown.  The music has slide and glide so crank her up and take her out for a ride.
Written by Daniel J. Hinnebusch, June 2006
Editor's Note:  Fabletown was recorded in New Braunfels with the local hill country musicians; Michael O’Connor (lead guitar for Slaid Cleaves and Susan Gibson), Jeff Plankenhorn (dobro for Ray Wylie Hubbard, Eliza Gilkyson, and Bruce Robison), Keith Carper (bass for Hal Ketchum), Nick Wallisch on drums, percussion and recorder, Johnny Arredondo (drummer for Ray Wylie Hubbard), Richard Bowden on fiddle, John Santos on harmonica and Pat O’Bryan on keyboards.
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Fabletown (LP)
Scottland Sound Music

Rarely Fall (LP)
Scottland Sound Music



Better order a shot before last call because Tim Scotts second album, Rarely Fall is gonna touch places you forgot were tender. After the first guitar riff, there you are in his makeshift Denton, Texas studio, beer in hand listening to his stories as he scribbles lyrics on the back of a receipt. His voice soft and sad, or gravelly and mad as hell, while confessing things you thought only you went through.

Though Fabletowns sense of adventure is still there, Rarely Fall lays bare the dark, smoky intimate side of lost love, longing and jealousy. Fabletown was written in third person as a concept album dealing with life through storytelling, explains Tim. I felt that the time was right to bring the listener to where I was when I wrote these songsa more personal place.

Tim sings of loves that failed, Silk will lose its softness while it unweaves and the one he hopes will last, Should I wake, with you beside me, in my arms come morning light. I will offer up this simple prayer in hopes this lonely man finally got it right. Sound familiar? Thats because honesty like this is sometimes only seen in the mirror the morning after. But its here on 11 expertly crafted tracks that take you from a ship bound for WWII to a kitchen floor conversation between two old friends. And Suddenly a flood of stories flow when the levee breaks.

His process is a lot like chipping at a levee, note by note, until hes deluged with ideas. I don't know where the songs come from actually, or how and when they will appear. I just head out to the studio, pick up one of my guitars and start playing, says Tim. If I find a chord progression I like, the words just seem to write themselves.

Though Rarely Fall takes a candid look at past mistakes, it also acknowledges lessons learned and looks to the future. In the title song, Tim takes his place among those who have come before himthe ones who supported and guided him on his journey. As the tracks unfold, you can tell who they areDan Fogelberg, John Lennon, George Harrison and Warren Zevon. The lyrics say it all, So I spin another story like those before I still raise my penTheres a common thread between us though we often stumble, we rarely fall. That common thread is the ability to take a handful of words, a few chords and a shitload of honesty to grab people right where they live. Tims got it down good.

If you cant get enough of Tim live, Rarely Fall is the closest youll get outside of jumping in the truck and paying a cover charge. The album is just as raw and moody as the live show, and you get the benefit of Erik Herbsts genius mixing and engineering. From day one in the studio, Erik and I knew exactly where we wanted to go with this project, Tim explains. It was both strange and very cool that after only a few discussions and the time it took to lay down and listen to the demos, I knew we were going to capture the mood and feel that I wanted. Tim plays rhythm guitar and sings all lead and background vocals backed by drums, bass, keyboard, pedal steel guitar, fiddle and the sad, sweet sound of the mandolin. Its almost last callbetter order that shot, get yourself a copy of Rarely Fall and a couple for your ex-lovers.

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