Tim Segreto

Tim Segreto


"His incredibly memorable, high–class sound refreshes the listener like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Truly, Segreto has created a unique style completely on his own." -NEMO New England Music Conference


Recently emerging from his own creative laboratory in upstate New York, far away from and untainted by any scene, Tim Segreto had been lost in his own musical reverie, creating some truly pure and unique music. A true Modernist, Tim Segreto's music contains the good from all genres and is stuck in none. From symphony size epics to lone guitar and vocal, Segreto uses anything and everything from pianos to melodica to loops and beat up, worn out electronic devices to take his music to a surreal and fantastical realm. Seriously. His music has been described as a blend of Beck, Coldplay and the Postal Service with a little Super Furry Animals and Spiritualized on the side .. But thats as close as you can get without listening on your own. Now hailing from an urban castle in Brooklyn, Tim has assembled an amazing 3-7 piece band THE COSMOKNOTS. Sonically and visually huge Tim and Co astonish as they bring his albums to life. Catch Tim Segreto and the Cosmoknots in the 5 boroughs and beyond this winter.

Tim has been refining his unique symphonic/electronic style since the age of 14. His mix of psychedelic pop and electronic rock has garnered many fans. His songwriting talents were acknowledged when he won the North East Region NEMO Songwriting competition in the Fall of 2005.

In February 2005, teaming up with producer Matthew Ellard at Bostons Q Division studios, Tim released a double EP entitled "Boston Sessions I & II" on California-based Media Darlings. Tims prolific songwriting output led to him and Ellard teaming up again in 2006 to fully realize Segretos, even more focused, musical vision, culminating in Populus, a 12-song musical masterpiece.

Tim Segreto comes from a place that is all his own - pure, beautiful, raw and talented as hell.

"No one matches or even comes close to what Segreto is creating."
-NEMO New England Music Conference


Tim Segreto 'Boston Sessions I & II' Tim's first release continues to be streamed all over the world.

Tim Segreto 'Populus' to be released Summer 2006.

Set List

Sets range from 30 mins to 3 hours. Primarily original work.