Tim Smith/Tim Smith Band

Tim Smith/Tim Smith Band


Original reggae, soul, ska and more. Funky grooves, multi-ethnic beats, flowing chords, bluesy licks, liquid changes, fresh improvisation, soulful lyrics, powerfully sweet vocals... its like gumbo for your ears. Listen closely, you can feel it, smell it, taste it, but mostly you'll just know it! ;)


This North Carolina band is a present day extension of Chapel Hills once popular old school ska troupe called The Jumpstarts, and is still cooking up a wonderfully original blend of great music. Based in traditional 1950s style Jamaican ska and reggae, the group stirs in a heavy helping of jazz with a sampling of gospel and blues. Seasoned with soul and a dash of funk, this concoction really simmers. Like an old family recipe passed along from one generation to the next, the dish of a band only gets better with time. Any good saucier knows that the longer it sits, the better it gets. Key to this flavorful cornucopia is composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and band leader Tim Smith who brings to the table a world of experience with other bands and spectacular musicians including:The Squirrel Nut Zippers, Mambo Crew, Europa Jazz, Mr. Coffee and The Creamers, Hobex, The SoulSearchers, Sol Creech Band (http://www.solcreechband.com/), J'Azure, BlueStreak, The Countdown Quartet, The Platinum Heavyweights, Jazz Squad, Justin Thompson, The Raleigh Jazz Orchestra (http://www.raleighjazz.com/), Maria Rolls Blues Train, and many more. Appearances on Sesame Street, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and tour dates from Montreaux, Switzerland to Saratov, Russia just scratch the surface of Smiths many musical adventures. Mitchell Rothrock of the Dynamite Brothers, and Sol Creech from the Sol Creech Band add some delicious harmonies to this funky, soulful mix. You’ll certainly want to be present when the Tim Smith Band serves up its next delectable live performance of original music!


If you are hungry for good music, you may want to open your palette with a light first course offering; the Jumpstarts 1996 EP "Just A Little Bit" , and then move on to the full length 2000 release "In The Here". The latest work (and the first released under the name Tim Smith Band), 2007's "The World To Me" ups the ante and brings this band into the realm of heavyhitters and chart toppers.
Tim has also performed on recordings by dozens of artist including The Squirrel nut Zippers, The Countdown Quartet, Jackie O Pillbox, The Dynamite Brothers, Mingus Young, J'Azure, Sol Creech Band, Janet Stolp, The Woggles, The Flecktones, Randy Whitt and the Grits and many more.

Set List

We typically play sets of 75 - 90 minutes of mostly original songs. We'll throw in a few covers from Bob Marley, Sly and The Family, Marvin Gaye, The Meters, Skatellites, Al Green, Bob Dylan and many others. Here is a recent set we've been using at festivals (which are among our favorite venues)...
1. Mercy Mercy
2. Tribute
3. All Of Creation
4. Rhythm Nor Rhyme
5. If
6. Please Be Good
7. Don’t Be Afraid
8. Clearly
9. You’re In my life
10. Tell Me A Story
11. Into the Mystic
12. What About Us ?
13. The World To Me
14. (Blessing -encore)

Generally we play up to 3 sets, however in the right situation, we'll jam all night long!