Tim's Myth & The 444s
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Tim's Myth & The 444s

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
Band Folk Alternative


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CD Review: The arrival of my latest import, a six song EP by Tim's Myth entitled "The Goat," proves an undeniable and inescapable truth: Canada is a music force to be reckoned with.

Timothy Smith, the band's leader, handles all of the primary vocal assignments and songwriting duties. It's a task for which he is abundantly qualified and executes with great efficiency. Like all good leaders he has surrounded himself with a talented supporting cast and he knows when - and how - to utilize their skills, most notably Mark S. Berry, the project's producer, who captured, highlighted, and presented the chemistry and musicianship of the band in a way that is honest, powerful, and artistic.

Aside from the pensively abstract lyrics that are the hallmark of this EP, the guitar playing consistently competes for and sometimes steals the spotlight. The project's most commercial song, "News On The River," features supreme guitar melodies that provide and enhance a Beatlesesque vocal arrangement that lingers in your memory for days, as does "Mrs. Healy," which is as close to acoustic funk as you can get without crossing over.

This is not the typical indie rock project that's replete with throw-away tracks. This EP leaves nothing to spare in terms of quality, and it leaves you wanting more in terms of quantity. At the conclusion of what you think is the final track on the project, the riveting "Mexico Roads," (which showcases the awesome base guitar playing skills of Brent Hamilton) you almost feel cheated that the disc is over...then...out of no where, the "hidden" track comes on to appropriately close out the project with a tender scaled down ballad which illuminates the poignancy of Tim's distinctive soulful voice, drawing a mild comparison to Darryl Hall (of Hall & Oates) in the process. It's a nice surprise ending for the CD, and a great way to punctuate the depth and versatility of the band. - Gian Fiero


Tim's Myth - Departure (EP)

Tim's Myth - Harbour (Full Length)

Tim's Myth & The 444's - The Thread (Full Length - unreleased)



myth> n. a traditional story concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon.

Tim Smith (Tim’s Myth), singer/songwriter, has been well established in the folk/rock/country scene in Montreal and Ottawa for the past ten years. Tim’s Myth is an experience of the heart via soulful sounds and playful grooves.

“Tim’s Myth is a force to be reckoned with.”
- Cub Carson, Ottawa’s 106.9FM ‘The Bear’

Currently, Tim is in Montreal building Mythouse Productions, the flagship for his music and has recently released his 3rd album “The Thread”. This recent album is a continuation of Tim's musical sojourn. After a five year hiatus, Tim grouped together a new band and named them The 444s then got a producer friend Kevin Gault to record them at Simon Lake near Montebello, Qc. With just a day of recording, the band managed to lay down 11 live bed tracks in an old cottage. From there, they went to a loft in Montreal to continue the party and add the talent of more friends to complete the tracking. Kevin Gault then took the music aboard a cruise ship and mixed the album in and around the waters of the Caribbean. The "Thread" was spun and Tim's Myth & The 444s are born.

Described as “Alternative Folk Rock” where “each song that comes from Tim speaks of true story-telling and is delivered with meaningful passionate vocals” (Mark S. Berry, CEO Attack Records), Tim’s Myth & The 444s have been making their mark on the Canadian music scene with every show. Musical influences such as Bob Dylan and Tool have guided Tim’s quest in reaching people far and wide. Notable credits such as, Producing a full length album (Harbour) with Jean Le Loup, winning the largest talent prize in Canadian history (350k-CRTC 2007) and receiving national radio play with the single “Electrico” are just a few examples of how Tim’s music has made its presence felt.