tim terry

tim terry


Real instruments,real melodies,real stories,and real singing is what The Tim Terry Experience is all about. This new artist is from a musically rich city called Memphis Tennessee home of the legendary Stax records. He is a Soul artist that performs live and sings and lives and breathes soul music.


Tim's influences are as follows: Marvin Gaye,Donnie Hathaway, Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, Willie Hutch, Sam Cooke, and Stevie Wonder.What sets Tim Terry apart from the pack is his songwriting and performing skills honed from touring with major soul artist such as cameo, shirley brown and more,
he has studied them night after night and aplied what he saw to his own live performance. Tim Terry is 26 years old


Tim Terry's new cd release will be out in may 2004
WE will have snipets available very soon keep looking out and email us for the time and dates of this info at darkstar5000@yahoo.com. Tim Terry is featured on the new Nick Cannon cd, on the track called "My Rib" featuring Tim Terry.

Set List

Tim Terry's show consist of his original material
from the cd with songs like: the one, get it on, slippin, imagine that, gonna have a party,walter lee, can't get you off my mind and many others.
Tim terry's set can be between 3/45 minutes set or 1 hour long set how ever a buyer would require. He will do covers if needed. i. e. top forty soul and funk from the 70's 80's and 90's as well the current hits. Our basic desire is to open for name artist to promote his new cd,The Tim Terry Experience.