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My name is Tim Wilkins and I love some many different types of music! I love the classic like Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash, and have been influenced by so many different artists. The truth of the matter is that though my music is unique and individual, I would be lying if I said I wasnt bits and pieces of the people i have grown up loving. I write about the classic dilemma of love and all its beautiful disasters, but that is certainly not all. I would like to say I have an acletic taste but I am certainly biased because i'm writing about me. Anyways I hope you enjoy my songs and i always appreciate feedback, seeing as how i am young and trying to make it, good or bad is fine. But lets leave the terrible insults out. Much love to the world. -Tim


I am just

Written By: Tim Wilkins

Perhaps as long as i am here,
and you are there i'll leave you,
but instead i choose to stick around,
and maybe theres a way that i
can reach your heart babe
well if i've missed my chance dont tell me so
and perhaps when i look in your eyes,
im really seeing nothing,
but an empty sky of broken smiles,
and i know that when i dream of you,
im really just eluding,
from realities that make you real,
make you real,

I am just
only a-little bit in love with you,
I am just only a little bit in love with you

And perhaps there is no point in which
i still continue dreaming
maybe my ideals come and go,
but every time i talk to you,
i cant help but believeingthat something inside of you,
must surely know by now

I am just
only a little bit in love with you
I am just only a little bit in love with you