Tina DiGeorge

Tina DiGeorge



“Put your guitar down and come eat!” are the first words Tina can recall hearing as a child. Spawned from a long line of furious musicians, Tina has continued the family tradition. Tina has played in bands since she was twelve years old through her last group project that she fronted, The Simpletons. Her path grew along with her musical range and she went on to record her first solo album. Her performances have shared the stage with the likes of Patty Larkin and Peter Case. The last time this Los Angeles based artist toured the West Coast she came home and decided never to unpack her suitcase. Tina’s style is driven purely by instinct and has drawn some comparisons to Aimee Mann, Chrissie Hynde and Tracy Thorn. However, her music may sound more like a band effort at times than singer-songwriter.

“Deconstruction of A Light Traveler” is Tina’s follow up to her debut self titled solo EP and brings more ‘pop off the beaten path’ with stirring melodies and driving guitar riffs. Once you’re lured in with the steady groove and dirty guitars of ‘Too Far’ you will find yourself in a world of shifting emotional landscapes. From the darker and unsettling ‘Swimmin’ to the upbeat pace of ‘Taking Over’ and finally the whisper of ‘In My Room’.

Tina is based in Los Angeles and looks forward to hitting the road. Her bluesy pop riffs that charge her sets make it hard not to tap along on the tabletops and beer bottles and her dynamics drift the audience into a state of reverie (especially when she’s playing several instruments simultaneously).

So, feast your ears and find out what keeps everyone listening!


Self-titled EP
Full Length LP, "Deconstruction of A Light Traveler"

Set List

Typical set is 45 minutes and includes the songs Too Far,
Hearts and Bones, Swimmin', Shadows, Taking Over, Silence,
In My Room, Under Houses, 1st Kiss, as well as new songs thrown
in for variety.