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Life changing-soul winning-truth packed music that can never leave you the same....EVER!!!!


Having been raised from a rather challenging family, I looked for solutions to a better life and found ma self making the best of choices....I gave ma life to Christ in 2002.
I've always been passionate about music mostly RnB and Hip hop. I always said if u want me to go crazy play me some good RnB, but if you want me to litterally get 'high' play me good Hip hop music or Rap.
In 2006 I started writing Hip Hop lyrics but I started ministering in 2007, mainly amongst the youth, around local churches and in schools. My music appeals mostly to the youth and I believe I've been called to do exactly that. I'm a solo artist though I've done a few colaborations as well. I strictly do Holy hip hop cos I wouldn't have it any other way.......I live for Christ!!!


Thank you Lord

Written By: Yours truely, Teenah

They say life is short but life is long
I mean for those of you who think it ends right here you're wrong
en those of you who know it goes beyond you're right
you know you might be right you're right

Now i'ma tell you a story, cos I'm in a hurry
if you gotta hate me hate me cos this is an archery
Now I know Christ en I know its by His grace so I say thank you Christ
for the raising, the blessing, I cant forget the annointing en I cant leave out the favour en the love....
Now people, it never ever used to be like this
cos ma days were hard and weary not at all like this
now I enjoy the cheese, I can afford the jeans en I smile like this cheesey
I said I smile like this Cheesey
Now people back to ma story, that was part of the story, now the rest of story

At 8 yrs old I used to work and weary far more than a 30 yr old, came to 10 yrs old
same as 12 yrs old, now I somebody wanna ask me now how old
well I'm not too old cos the times I'm talking about are not so old

2002 I heard I read the word, came 2003 I was stonger I was deeper
Came 2004 and then 2005, I had a problem of the world I was so much into the world en I put aside the word
Came 2006 I had not a single clue to what He had in store for me I thought I'll never quit the world He said no
For His grace was sufficient en His mercies were working en the annointing was growing

I know its good to have the fun but its fun when its in the Lord
doing working for the Lord singing dancing for the Lord, praising worshiping the Lord
Now I used to do both fun in the Lord fun in the world
en I used to miss out on some things of the kingdom
en then I realised I was neither hot or cold
en I remembered His word that He rebukes the luke warm
Then I said to ma self I gotta do the will of God
en so help me God I've taken the step en I gotta say........

Thank you thank you Lord,
for all the things that you have done for me
And I know I know that you'll always be,
there for me when I call on you x2

Now I know the challenge the Xtian challenge
the secular world en all that it boosts up............


Cypha entukuvu(Holy Cypha)- was a collaboration
Help me out - I featured Patrick Untill
Thank you Lord - My 1st Single