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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Band Rock Pop


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"Riding The Wave"

"It’s not that much of a change in Tin Alley in terms of playing; I still have loud music around my ears. But in terms of the music, we don’t have to stick to a certain style, a certain beat. Personally it’s a lot closer to the style of music I wanted to be playing, so it is a lot better."

Stefan Waltersson, vocalist of Melbourne rock act Tin Alley, is comparing his recent outfit with his last, it’s a conversation that would bore any but the most dedicated fans, but Waltersson’s story has a unique twist; his former band happens to be a Danish metal act, nominated for Best Metal Album Of The Year in the coveted Danish Metal Awards.

“They found me over the good old Internet,” he explains of jumping ship to join the Melbourne group. “I wasn’t happy with the music I was playing, so I met them and we had a jam and it was very surprising. Not only were they all great musicians, we all had the same ideas.”

With Waltersson in tow, Tin Alley are making big strides and are set to receive strong radio support for their latest single, the inspiring Ride The Wave. “We recorded the song in Brisbane with producer Stuart Stuart, it was the first time Stefan recorded with us, and we were very, very, happy with how it ended up,” explains bassist Paul Siourthas.

“Ride The Wave is a song about growing up, wisdom, experience, letting go, it’s essentially a leaf that falls off a tree, down into a stream then out into the ocean and God knows what happens from there. It’s a metaphor for growing up and letting go of certain things, and we hope that message connects.”

It certainly rings true for Tin Alley. After a decade performing under the name Everything, a switch to their current moniker in 2007 and a few years of solid touring saw them achieve some hard-earned commercial success: in 2009 the single Out Of Control hit #7 on the ARIA physical Singles chart, and #1 on the AIR charts, buoyed by some strong Austereo support. The departure of lead vocalist Jim Siourthas saw their momentum suffer; but now with Waltersson up front, the band are certainly making up for lost time, perpetually circling the country on tour and promotional duties, with no plans to cease until at least the end of next year.

“We are currently doing the acoustic rounds, while planning a proper tour of the East Coast of Australia, and we will probably be on the road for the rest of this year and all of next year... and the next,” laughs Siourthas.

The band are finding, however, that volume doesn’t often equate to airplay and that blasting a rock track in an office environment isn’t the best means of promotion - which is why they are making a note of performing Ride The Wave acoustically when showcasing to radio stations. So far the tactic seems to be working.

“Acoustically [the songs] seem to be received quite well,” explains Waltersson. “It gives a different feel, and without the rock, people can hear the words and the melody. With rock, some people just hear one big sound and don’t really notice the other parts. Radio has been very accepting, and we really appreciate it.” Future plans for Tin Alley include a long-awaited third album (“We are talking to a whole lot of producers about recording, and have plans to release something at the end of this year or possibly next year,” reveals Waltersson), followed by the endless touring circuit; a prospect that seems to fill the band with glee. As for a possible new direction for the band, don’t hold your breath.

“I don’t think we will be changing drastically,” laughs Waltersson. “I don’t see us becoming either a pop band or a full on metal act, we are a rock band. And happy to be a rock band.”

Ride The Wave is out now through MGM. - Music Network

"Bangin The Tin"

The gang from Melbourne outfit Tin Alley are slowly but surely being embraced by those in the industry who can get their music out to the masses.

Having already been picked up for airplay by the likes of Triple J and their hometown's Triple R and 3PBS with their previous work, and subsequently spending time in both the ARIA top 100 and the AIR charts, Tin Alley's new single 'Crossing Paths' is aiming to take things one step further.

The track was written after the band's drummer Peter Hofbauer was involved in a life-threatening motorbike accident. It's release is dedicated to "Pete's brave efforts in dealing with and eventually overcoming the physical and mental injuries associated with his accident." And though the track wavers towards the rock side of the musical spectrum, there's no denying it's pop roots. - AUSPOP


2007 - In Your Hands (Single) - #7 AIR Charts
2007 - Everyturn (Album)
2009 - Out Of Control (Single) - #1 AIR Charts / #7 ARIA Australian Charts / #1 Australian Music Office / #4 Most Added To Radio
2010 - Monster (Single)
2010 - Luke Chable Vs Tin Alley (Single)
2010 - Crossing Paths (Single) - #5 AIR Charts
2011 - Ride The Wave (Single) - #20 Most Added To National Radio
2011 - Bounce Back (Single) - Current



Three things jump out when you hear Tin Alley: passion, energy and great songs that get you hooked.

In 2009 the band recorded what would be their most successful track to date “Out Of Control", a song that was inspired by drummer Peter Hofbauer’s motorcycle accident in late 2007.

With its roaring opening and lyrics that explore the excesses of youth, rock stardom and fame (particularly the infamous 27 Club—so named after musicians who died at that age, such as Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain), “Out Of Control” had an immediate impact on listeners around the country.

In October 2009 Tin Alley's release “Out Of Control” reached number 1 on the AMO Charts (Australian Music Office) and was also number 1 on the AIR Charts (Australian Independent Record Labels Association) for five weeks.

In November 2009 “Out Of Control” reached no.7 on the ARIA Australian singles charts and was in the ARIA Australian Singles Charts top 20 for six consecutive weeks.

Tin Alley have played numerous Australian tours to support their single releases, from Hobart to Brisbane, Adelaide to Byron and many places in between.

May 2011 saw a change in the line-up with a new lead singer Stefan Waltersson and the band return to the studio to work on new material and in July 2011 'Ride The Wave' was top 20 most added to radio.

Vocals - Stefan Waltersson
Guitars - Paul Siourthas
Bass - Jared Piatkowski
Drums - Peter Hofbauer