Tina Taylor

Tina Taylor


Tina is one of the Greatest Gospel singers in todays time. No other can make you feel like God is there talking to you on a One on One. You just got to hear her!!!


Tina has been playing and singing since age 9, in the churchs,all over for many events , such as weddings, malls, fairgrounds, Theaters, Grand Openings, she is a born again christain, and has in the past sing on music row.
Tina enjoys being apart of the family of God,for if it had not been for Jesus , there would not be a Tina Taylor today. Her Testimony of how Jesus really cares about what happens to us, will inspire you, even if you've not that far down. She saids ; God has been so merciful on me and gave me a peace that only The Lord can give. My walk is personal and I know without the Lord I would have of surely Die. The Holy Spirit keeps me in all I do , I'am so Thakful for the Day when the Lord saved me.

Every time I sing I pray and ask the Lord to give me the right song for this time to sing . I think singing is a ministery, and we should let the spirit guide us.


Somebody's praying for Me

Only little Girls Know

In Heaven

Set List

Tina can sing with a band,
or Covers
or Play ( cording only)