Tina Thunder

Tina Thunder

 Sorocaba, São Paulo, BRA

Be yourself.
Drink Tina Thunder.


Tina Thunder are five educated lads, those your mother recklessly trusts. Nothing but confused and maladjusted adult people - like the sax solo in "1970", from Stooges. Image is nothing. No one worth anything. Believe or not. The point is these five pasty guys just wanted to be dirty and disheveled pirates, or else have deep voice and large hands to play some blues in the Mississippi's disgusting jukejoints, but they got used to the idea of wasting the rest of their youth arranging excuses to go out drinking, talking bullshit (from art to rain), smoking cigarettes as the Dylan of 65/66 and make any impression on unwary. Yeah, the rock continues to make victims at any moment. Reading this it's a sign you too have been caught already... Ahoy!


Open (EP) 2011