Tina Virgilio

Tina Virgilio


Tina's smooth vocals and thought provoking lyrics overly acoustic rifs on top of a melodic rhythm section that will make you bob your head. A perfect blend of Sarah McLachlan meets Jennifer Knapp and Candlebox. Unplugged or rockin', TVB will keep you coming back for more..


Tina taught herself guitar her freshman year in college and began doing open mics and local shows in College Station before she graduated in 2002. In Dallas she began recording her first album at jvj Productions studios in Grand Prarie. the next few years saw the releast of 3 EP's and various other musicians hopping on board. Tina played at several venues in the Dallas metroplex including the Door Dallas and the Lighthouse in Azle, TX. Finally in November of 2008 Tina met up with Jake "Cry Baby" Cradoct and shortly thereafter Mike Morris. She called on the help of a friend from college to play the fiddle, and Tevin came along the following month. By December of 2008, TVB was in full swing with shows lined up for January and February and a mini- midwest tour to take place Jan 2-10th of 2009! Hop on the bandwagon, you know you want to!


Speak to Me

Written By: Tina Virgilio

waiting, wanting your touch / Burning, yearning so much / and I'm restless and the questions consume me / What's a confused little girl to do with these

Speak to me the things I need to know / Tell my heart when it is time / I'll stay here waiting for the voice I know / for I am yours, and you are mine

Dreaming, daring to be / Praying, asking to see / Move on, go on should I / or just stay here waiting patiently by your side..

Rescue me from these anxious thoughts / Replace them all with your truth / I need your patience and the grace to wait / Why's that so hard to do?


This is Me - 2002 LP
the Petty Sunday ep - 2004
the Riley ep - 2005
the burly sessions ep - 2006
songs from home ep - feb 2009

Set List

typical hour long set:
Be Strong
My goliath
Undeniable - Mat Kearney cover
Rise Again/Fascinated
Who is God?
Building a Mystery - Sarah McLachlan cover
Matt 11:28/Thank You
God Bless the PTTS
Red Sam - Flyleaf cover
Blessed Be the Name (Matt Redman cover)
When you Least Expect it (encore)