Tin Ceilings

Tin Ceilings

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Tin Ceilings began in Chicago but was born in Maine. The songs are stories that have formed from the landscape of honest people, rough weather, winding roads, foothills, and the sea.


Tin Ceilings was born in Chicago and educated most of his life as an engineer. At age 21, after being introduced to "Blood on the Tracks", he picked up a guitar and found creating music was his tool of survival. Since that day songwriting has come naturally and beautiful noises have become his art.

After studying the basics of songwriting under Steve Earle at the Old Town School of Folk Music and serving in the Peace Corps he was brought to the Northeast by the songs of his favorite artists: The Band (Acadian Driftwood), Stan Rogers, Archie Fisher, Leonard Cohen and Gordon Bok. Once in Maine Tin Ceilings was born and the Northern Grey Star was found.

Randy's songs intertwine the struggle of people and love, the weather and the land into a weave of stories and images. They are a blend of awareness (Steve Earle, Caetano Veloso), struggle (Nina Simone, Nick Drake), and dreams (David Byrne, Ida). He uses the art of songwriting and performing to heal, calm and enlighten himself and his listeners; almost as if each song was sacred.

Currently, Randy designs and builds roads for the State of Maine and records all songs at his home in Portland. He has been a member of various bands including: Seekonk, Tiger Saw, The Afflictions, Rural Electric and Brother Lowdown.


Savior's Veil

Written By: Randy Illian

If I could hold this man down
Press my sole against his heart
I would position in the south
while the troops are commissioned
They are given their part

The people would faithfully follow
The Savior's Veil over their eyes
While the crosses safely shadow
what's blowing in the wind
all those lost hopes to die

I know I am from the golden road
which you have seen me steal
You must walk this road with quiet heels
and know my land is everywhere

You will look up to see my feet
flying far above your brow
It will be my swinging swollen head
that won't let me rest on the ground


EP - Tin Ceilings (Self Released) 2003
EP - Turning Radius (Self Released) 2004

Set List

Length - 30 - 45 minutes -

Horse Nation - (Tin Ceilings)
Bitterwine - (Tin Ceilings)
Selkie - Seal Song (Tin Ceilings)
Fruit Tree (Tin Ceilings)
Savior's Veil (Tin Ceilings)
It's Over Soldier (Tin Ceilings)

w/ Various a cappella Scotish Ballads.