Tinderbox's music is sweet, mellow and catchy. Influences include, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Counting Crows and Tori Amos. Songs range from the heartfelt 'Oranges for Breakfast' to the powerful and cutting 'State of Play'. Beautiful melodic vocals and stunning finger-style guitar.


Tinderbox are an acoustic duo featuring Monique Houraghan with a distinctive 'honey-like' vocal, and Dan Tucker with his intricate finger style guitar technique.

2007 to 2010 have seen Tinderbox perform a number of headline shows to capacity crowds. Additionally, they have played support sets for high profile acts including Cara Dillon, Jon Allen, Corinne West, Kris Drever, Ben's Brother, Ralph McTell, Emily Maguire, Uiscedwr, Chris Difford and Megson.

In 2008 Tinderbox released their second studio album. 'Golden' was launched at Centre Stage in Bournemouth, with the band performing to a record-breaking audience. Maverick Magazine recently described 'Golden' as "Quite inspirational really...a masterpiece". Maverick went on to describe Tinderbox as being "Poised to ignite the acoustic...world". Acoustic Magazine featured a review of 'Golden' in their August 09 edition labelling the music 'Lovely, hooky and mellow'.

More recently, in April 2010 the duo launched their third studio album 'The State of Play' to a sell-out crowd. Guests who joined the duo on stage included folk guitar wizard Kevin Dempsey (Whippersnapper, Joe Broughton, Dave Swarbrick and Uiscedwr) as well as whole host of talent. BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson described the music as 'Gorgeous'. Rock N Reel Magazine's Dai Jeffries added “...tunes (that) stick in the memory from the start", and Ian Peterson of Livewire quoted “Quite simply wonderful”.

Tinderbox have recently returned from a hugely successful tour of the USA and look forward to playing to new audiences in the UK over the coming months.

With Monique's powerful voice and Dan's delectable guitar style Tinderbox are definitely one to keep an eye on.



Broken Trees

Written By: Monique Houraghan

We've been walking side by side what seems to be an age now
Has it made any difference?
Somewhere inbetween the lines I read we'd stay together
But can we go the distance?

And will we see the end?
And will we still be friends?
Or will we bow like broken trees
Will it all come down on me?

Now I believe that everything has all been mapped out for us
And our lives are what we're given
If I could go before me now and see the life I'm living
Would it change the way I'm thinking?

And will we see the end?
And will we still be friends?
Or will we bow like broken trees
Will it all come down on me?

As I look through the pages I see that I've grown old
Will you be there well I know it's out of my control
Yes it's out of my hands

And how can I pretend to you that I'm not even growing
When my clothes no longer fit me
It seems to me that all the love I have is never showing
Do you know how much I love you?

And will we see the end?
And will we still be friends?
Or will we bow like broken trees
Will it all come down on me? (repeat)


1997 - The Moon And The Boy (Album - Released June 1997)
2005 - Live in Germany (EP)
2006 - The Twynham Sessions (Demo Collection)
2007 - Live at Centre Stage, Bournemouth (Album)
2007 - The Fire's Inside (Album - Released April 2007)
2008 - Golden (Album - Released May 2008)
2010- The State of Play (Album - Released April 2010)

Set List

Ordinary Day
Behind The Smile
Oranges For Breakfast
Little Things
Like Rain
Coming Back To You
Fall Down
Waiting For The Summer
Walk Away
Out On My Own
The State Of Play
Inside Out
Broken Trees
For you Dear Emily
Pen & Paper
You Don't Know Me
Lovely to Me
Homeward Bound