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Tinderbox @ The Stables

Milton Keynes, None, United Kingdom

Milton Keynes, None, United Kingdom

Tinderbox @ Gran Teatro de Caceres

Caceres, None, Spain

Caceres, None, Spain

Tinderbox @ Gran Teatro de Caceres

Caceres, None, Spain

Caceres, None, Spain

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Louder than a box of bangers...well, not entirely. The acoustic duo Tinderbox proved to be a cut above the rest in their outing in the demo panel with all three panellists agreeing that they were ones to watch.

Based on that it would just be silly not to book them now wouldn't it?

Tinderbox takes their musical cue from bands and artists like James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Jewel, Counting Crows, and the Eagles, and they will be performing four live to air sessions throughout the show..."
- Phil Jackson - BBC Southern Counties Radio

Maverick magazine recently said of Tinderbox's latest album 'Golden': "it is quite inspirational...a bit of a masterpiece'.

Maverick went on to describe Tinderbox as being: "poised to ignite the acoustic folk world...it's flaming good!". - Maverick Magazine

Tinderbox are lovely; there’s no other way to put it. For some, “lovely” music might be a little too sweet, but for me, Golden is an album that works really well. It’s almost as if the sublime Sundays have been locked in the studio with only a guitar, a penny whistle and some congas.

Monique Houraghan’s vocals are honey-sweet, the cliché is simply unavoidable, and the hooky, mellow songs are quick to worm their way into your mind. Decorated with freewheeling tin whistle playing, Golden is at once poppy and a tinge folky; pull up a hammock, pour a beer in the sunshine, and enjoy.
- Acoustic Magazine

This is the third album by the Bournemouth based duo of Monique Houraghan and Dan Tucker. It is completely self-penned and features a fine array of guest musicians supporting Dan’s excellent guitar picking and Monique’s voice.

Tinderbox have some memorable tunes and both the opener, ‘For You Dear Emily’, and ‘Pieces’ stick in the memory from the start. The best track is probably ‘River To The Sea’. It’s open to interpretation but I think it’s about a mother waiting for her son to come home from a foreign war – you know where - or a wife waiting for her husband.

There are doomed relationships revisited in ‘Pieces’ and ‘Pen & Paper’, determined optimism in ‘Shine’, an instrumental from Dan and social comment in a title track which needs more anger and less despair to work really well. It’s a very pretty sound but heavily dependant on the backing band and you must wonder how it translates to a live performance. To judge by Tinderbox’s full gig-list it probably does so very well.

- Rock N Reel Magazine

“Quite simply wonderful” - Ian Peterson - Livewire

... a five star album that will appeal to all..... - Maverick Magazine

"It is astonishing what can be hidden in a small matchbox. The 600 strong audience were so enthralled that they followed (Tinderbox’s) set with a standing ovation…" - Westfalen-Blatt (Germany - News), Monday, April 11th, 2005

"Having never seen Tinderbox before, but hearing only good reports, I was somewhat excited about this next performance. So when Tinderbox opened with Dan's delicate yet grounding guitar accompaniments to Moniques warm, delicate soprano vocals, my excitment turned to joy in the knowledge that the next half an hour would consist of nothing but this angelic sound, and an occasional atmospheric crackle from the fire.
With songs written by both Dan and Monique, solo and in collaboration, they really had no short falls: Welcoming and attractive presence, great songs which became familiar with just one listen, and that sound which you somehow listen to all day and night, because it's just so pure and natural..." - Frankie Milner - Founder/Organiser Sirius

" the appeal of Tinderbox is simple; Monique has a simply beautiful voice which hints of her Irish roots, whilst Dan's finger-picked guitar and occasional backing vocals are a perfect accompaniment. But, and most importantly, they write distinctive, memorable and for the most part, excellent songs.

Tinderbox have the ability to appeal to music lovers on many levels. Their songs are uncomplicated, yet are far from shallow. Interesting without being too deep. Vocally, Monique has a sweet and distinctive tone to her voice which perfectly suits the vibe of the songs; it's like her voice was made for Tinderbox.

Dan plays what are fairly complicated guitar parts extremely easily, adding to the laid-back feel of the songs. Catherine's wonderful whistles give the sound an extra dimension, and again, they are used in a way which only enhance the songs, rather than being unnecessarily elaborate or cluttering. Tonight's performance was (too) short and sweet, all over far too soon..."
- Tony Foster - BhONE

"Fantastic TINDERBOX gig Sunday 19 August!! Once again a packed house for headline set by local favourites Tinderbox - and what a gig! Brilliant songs all written by Dan + Monique with a couple written by bassist Martyn Oakland.

The duo was increased to a six piece band and they were stunning. This set was a whole dimension up from Tbox's last brilliant headline at the club - new compositions with ever improving textures of sound made this gig refreshingly special..."
- Paul Burke - BFC founder & organiser

"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...These 2 are simply stunning to listen to. Wonderful guitar and a voice to die for. Excellent songwriting. What more do you need? They MUST go far. They deserve it. Support REAL music" - 'Big Mac' - Road to V (Virgin Unsigned Competition)

"Dorset folk rock band Tinderbox brought the air-waves to a standstill during their Live Lounge session last week. Bournemouth-based duo Tinderbox performed an exclusive five-track live session for BBC South:Live, and talked to presenter Phil Jackson about how they got together, performing live as a band, and their future plans.

Tinderbox, the folky-acoustic duo based in Bournemouth, is vocalist/guitarist Monique Houraghan and guitarist Dan Tucker. They've been playing together for around 11 years, after meeting at university in Yorkshire where they were both on a Theatre Studies course.

Since then, they've developed their distinctive sound together while travelling around the world, including some time in Monique's home town of Dublin, and a spell in Australia. Now the duo are based in Bournemouth, where they say they've met some amazing musicians, several of whom now form a band for Tinderbox's live appearances.

Their other band members are Gaz on percussion, Martin on bass and Catherine, who plays "pretty much everything - mandolin, whistle, guitar," says Monique. Dan and Monique like how they sound as a bigger group and are hoping to get into the studio to record as a band soon.

Tracks performed in the live session were: Travelling, Coming Back to You, Walk Away, Fallen, Ghosts." - BBC Radio Dorset (Website Feature)

Tom Robinson - BBC 6 Music commenting on 'The State of Play'
- BBC 6 Music - Tom Robinson


1997 - The Moon And The Boy (Album - Released June 1997)
2005 - Live in Germany (EP)
2006 - The Twynham Sessions (Demo Collection)
2007 - Live at Centre Stage, Bournemouth (Album)
2007 - The Fire's Inside (Album - Released April 2007)
2008 - Golden (Album - Released May 2008)
2010- The State of Play (Album - Released April 2010)



Tinderbox are an acoustic duo featuring Monique Houraghan with a distinctive 'honey-like' vocal, and Dan Tucker with his intricate finger style guitar technique.

2007 to 2010 have seen Tinderbox perform a number of headline shows to capacity crowds. Additionally, they have played support sets for high profile acts including Cara Dillon, Jon Allen, Corinne West, Kris Drever, Ben's Brother, Ralph McTell, Emily Maguire, Uiscedwr, Chris Difford and Megson.

In 2008 Tinderbox released their second studio album. 'Golden' was launched at Centre Stage in Bournemouth, with the band performing to a record-breaking audience. Maverick Magazine recently described 'Golden' as "Quite inspirational really...a masterpiece". Maverick went on to describe Tinderbox as being "Poised to ignite the acoustic...world". Acoustic Magazine featured a review of 'Golden' in their August 09 edition labelling the music 'Lovely, hooky and mellow'.

More recently, in April 2010 the duo launched their third studio album 'The State of Play' to a sell-out crowd. Guests who joined the duo on stage included folk guitar wizard Kevin Dempsey (Whippersnapper, Joe Broughton, Dave Swarbrick and Uiscedwr) as well as whole host of talent. BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson described the music as 'Gorgeous'. Rock N Reel Magazine's Dai Jeffries added “...tunes (that) stick in the memory from the start", and Ian Peterson of Livewire quoted “Quite simply wonderful”.

Tinderbox have recently returned from a hugely successful tour of the USA and look forward to playing to new audiences in the UK over the coming months.

With Monique's powerful voice and Dan's delectable guitar style Tinderbox are definitely one to keep an eye on.