Dallas, Texas, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

I'm not a rapper, I'm a damn good artist that likes to Rap!


Given Name: Carlus Anders
Stage Name: TinE'eazy
Date of Birth: April 26, 1984
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Label: TinE'eazy Music.

Since childhood, TinE'eazy always had a passion for music. Singing to almost every song on the radio, the Texas native was an avid fan of R&B sensation Tony Terry. It was this connection to music that stuck with him as he grew older and help develop his diverse harmonic style; a blend of hip hop and R&B. Raised by his Grandfather who took on a parental role in his life as a father, and who would always call him tiny because he was the smallest of two other brothers; he grew to accept the comment and eventually Tiny, became his childhood nickname that he would go on to use as an artist in the rap game.

By the age of 16, TinE was recording songs over cassette tapes in a garage which helped perfect his skills as an artist. As time progressed he'd gotten accustomed to making music on a regular that it became EAZY. And because of his ability to convey words so eloquently in songs, everyone in his home town of Dallas would tell him, he have the "juice now". A reference to having a natural gift to do music.

After years of perfecting his rapping skills to deliver the best quality of music he could to his friends and family, TinE’eazy started releasing mixtapes to share over the Internet. It was during this time he would make a name for himself as an underground artists, with the 2010 hit single “Calling All Dimes” featuring Rude Boy Joe.  Collaborations with other artists such as Lil Keke, Zay Tha Brick Boy, Dorrough, and Inayah; as well as talented producers DMusiq, and E-2-DA-G, have created a catalog of music that has delivered potential hit song after another. 

​With the opportunity to express himself, and tell his life's story to the world with great delivery and nice melodic tunes, it's never predictable when listening to TinE'eazy, an artist who enjoys creating music; and loves to sing and rap on his songs.


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