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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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Tine Bruhn @ Bohemian Beer Garden, 2919 24th Avenue Astoria, NY 11102-1129

Astoria, New York, USA

Astoria, New York, USA

Tine Bruhn @ Zinc Bar

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Tine Bruhn @ Robert Restaurant

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



How many times have you found yourself alone on a rainy day? And the only thing you wanted to do was put on some good music and sit as close to the rain, without getting wet. Maybe, you'll let the rain hit your face. And each time it does you smile. Relaxing? Yes! Well, that's what I did today.
I listened to Tine Bruhn, a young Jazz singer from Brooklyn. Already I like her cause she's from Brooklyn. Tine, has a beautiful voice that moves so softly with the music; making you feel all the emotions that the song was meant to deliver. And her delivery, is like the feeling you have right before a first kiss. The anticipation of her next note is chilling. One of her songs on her new album is titled “Close To Nothing”and if you listen to any of Tine's music, you must listen to that song. I like this lady a lot. And she is surrounded by a splendid band as well that includes:
Maurice Brown – trumpet, Daniela Schaechter – piano, Marco Panascia – bass, Greg Hutchinson – drums.
Tine Bruhn's debut album "Entranced" by Inenomis Records is now available on CD Baby. I must get it.

Written by Mike McCabe
Sunday, 03 May 2009

- thebestindiemusic.com

It's so obvious when a jazz singer sounds like a jazz singer.......There's the sultry sound.......The delivery........the feeling...........The choices of music that make up a jazz repertoire. So, without any trepidation, I relegate my readers to the fine vocalise of Tine Bruhn jazz singer extraordinaire. Her delivery of the tune ''Search For Peace'' was stunning!! And, Tine brings the song to the forefront with a cogent performance. Her sidemen provide a nice Miles Davis-esque platform for Tine to ply her talents
and to avoid beating a dead horse, please support this NY City based treasure.
- Cabaret Exchange

"Who experiences Tine Bruhn on stage will have a chance to look into the two faces of the attractive singer: there is the feeling of carefree happiness that she distributes expressively to her listener. Much different is the other Tine Bruhn: the young woman with low, thoughtful sincerity that especially comes through in her own compositions: “What if tonight was the last time I’d fall asleep, if the dreams I will dream will be my last, what would I miss if I could remember, you told me I’d see the sun again, and through my tears I’ll feel the rain.”
Standing ovations, an excited audience who wouldn’t let the musicians off the stage until they had played two encores and the lights had been turned off.”

Barbara Fürst - Flensburger Tageblatt

Mesmerizing, moving music for mellow moods..
Tine Bruhn explores the softer sides of jazz with a highly supportive band..
Comfortable and confident
..shapes her phrases into fine work of vocal art..
..Bruhn contributes a joyous scat solo..
..fun scat singing..
..Bruhn and Schächter sound terrific..
..leaves 'em wanting more!

-Full review to be posted soon - Jazz Improv NY

On Thursday the Tine Bruhn Quartet visited the The Dansk Centralbibliotek. The jazz singer who grew up in Flensburg is still well-known as one of the four singers of the group "Kvart I Fire" and their CD release “Go 4 It” from 1996. On her current tour she presents her brand new debut album "Entranced". Tine Bruhn especially shines in jazzy, melancholic passages where she shows unbelievable emotions and the attractive singer demonstrates extremely strong stage presence as well.
She is accompanied by three fabulous instrumentalists. The pianist Daniela Schächter builds the harmonic base of the quartet with technically and rhythmically impressive and very emotional solos. Beautiful solos were also played by the bassist Marco Panascia and the drummer Jerome Jennings who were delivering the groove. The trio knew how to leave space for singer and the singer knew how to use it.
A beautiful Jazz-night in the Dansk Centralbibliotek. - Erlebe Flensburg, Germany

Tine Bruhn reveals a vocal texture suggesting a cross between a soprano sax and a flugelhorn with a technique that utilizes uncanny space, economy and dynamics. Nice interplay between Bruhn and the trio. Bruhn's phrasing is nothing short of hypnotic. The tune Har Du Visor Min Vän is the perfect vehicle for Bruhn's unique voice: "Don't talk about music with me. Let the song speak for you". Through Tine Bruhn's crystal clear vocal timbre, they do.
(Jazz.com - Bill Barnes, July 2009)

See the full review here:
- Jazz.com

The summer jazz series at Scandinavia House in NYC ended on a high note with a show by Danish singer Tine Bruhn on July 30. She performed with bandmates Daniela Schachter (piano), Oleg Osenkov (bass) and E.J. Strickland (drums). The band’s lush melodies formed a backdrop for lyrics about love, romance and emotion sung in Bruhn’s sultry voice.

Bruhn, whose new CD Entranced came out in June, sang 14 songs, at times ceding the floor to her talented band. The music included original compositions, such as Tears and Baby Let Me Love You, as well as a Swedish jazz waltz and cover songs of Billie Holiday and Brazilian pop sensation Djavan. The CD’s title fits; Bruhn’s voice has a mesmerizing quality that at once melts into her band’s music yet still retains its substance. In between sets, she alluded to the pleasure of sipping wine on a summer evening and listening to jazz. Indeed, her music pairs well with this idea, but there’s more to it. At the heart of her stage presence, which was evident by the rapt audience gathered at sundown for the intimate show, is a movement of feeling, an emerging joy in her art form that makes the sound transcend time and place. It's easy to imagine Bruhn as a 1920s jazz singer serenading her audience in the local speakeasy, or simply as the Brooklyn-based musician that she is, raw, elegant, ethereal.
(Rose Spaziani) - The Copenhagen Voice

Tine Bruhn is a Danish-born, Berklee-educated jazz vocalist now living in New York. Ms. Bruhn recorded her first CD, Entranced, earlier this year releasing it on her own label, Inenomis Records, May 19th. She is also a composer and lyricist, writing three of the songs and penning lyrics to two Joshua Redman tunes. Obviously a talented vocalist, Ms Tyne has the kind of training and experience that turns raw talent into mastery. She began singing at an early age in a cappella groups and semi-pro choirs. She continued singing with a cappella groups in the U.S. while getting a degree from Berklee College of Music and receiving additional instruction from Cheryl Bentyne (Manhattan Transfer).

Bruhn has a beautiful smooth, clear voice, wide-range (strong low register) and pinpoint intonation. She produces a very soothing “round” sound where each note has a soft attack, smooth decay and soft release. Entranced has a relaxed wistful romanticism, but there is a strong Brazilian bossa feel to much of it most notably on “Upside Down (Flor De Lis),” written by Brazilian artists Djava and Werneck. “Search for Peace” by McCoy Tyner features lyrics written by the unequivocally great Brazilian jazz vocalist, Flora Purim, and is performed in the Purim style by Bruhn. Even “Har Du Visor Min Van,” composed by Scandinavian, Bengt Ahlfors, is somewhat Latin in complexion. The mix of Brazilian and American jazz is a tried and true combination and Bruhn marries the two exceptionally well. Bruhn’s a cappella singing background may have been good training for the opening of “If Loneliness (After).” The sparse duo of Bruhn’s voice and Panasia’s bass somehow manages to convey plush jazz harmonies of four and five parts. “If Loneliness” also showcases Bruhn’s scat prowess, a skill she honed while training with Bob Stoloff at Berklee.

The band: Maurice Brown, trumpet; Daniela Schächter, piano; Marco Panascia, bass and Gregory Hutchinson, drums; provides ideal backing for Bruhn. There are some very beautiful piano (“Tears”) and bass solos (“Har Du Visor Min Van” introduction) and both provide tasteful and appropriate fills throughout. Schächter’s use of the classic and distinctive Rhodes on “Baby Let Me Love You” coupled with Brown’s muted trumpet, gives it an R&B sensibility. The funky first track “Miles Away,” features a lovely extended trumpet solo. Hutchinson’s rim click technique on the snare gives several cuts just the right punctuation and he uses the shimmer of the riveted cymbal and pings on the bell of the cymbal in a purposeful orchestration.

As far as favorite cuts, I found myself going back to listen to “Miles Away” and “If Loneliness,” but I recommend listening to Entranced in it’s entirety in a sitting and allowing yourself to become entranced. - Muzik Reviews

Joining the crowded field of female singers to release new recordings this year, Tine Bruhn makes her entrance into the world of recorded jazz with an auspicious debut simply titled “Entranced.”Delivering a selection of unconventional mellow songs from such artists as Joshua Redman, Djavan, and McCoy Tyner as well as including three originals of her own, Bruhn eschews the template of providing yet another interpretation of oft recorded songs from The Great American Songbook in favor of a non-traditional approach that works well here. Gifted with a fine voice, the repertoire on this first effort tends to shackle the singer denying the listener the opportunity to experience the depth of her vocal reach.

Except for Djavan's lively Brazilian-tinged “Upside Down,” the music remains mostly down tempo in nature and by design, but in doing so, binds the singer from showcasing her vocal instrument in a higher register as would be required in a more bouncy explosive song. Nevertheless, if one favors light vocal jazz presented with emotion, “Entranced” fills the bill in shinning fashion and Bruhn succeeds in providing th e spark. Opening up with Redman's “Miles Away,” where Bruhn provides the lyrics and Maurice Brown provides stellar trumpet lines, the music turns tastefully somber on the original “Tears,” and unfolds beautifully on Tyner's “Search for Peace” featuring delicious piano work from Daniela Schachter. The pianist turns to the Fender Rhodes while Brown uses the muted horn on Bruhn's “Baby, Let Me Love You”one of the outstanding tracks on the album. Other note worthy songs include “Close To Nothing,” and “If Loneliness.”

The vocalist records here with a core trio comprised of Schachter, bassist Marco Panascia and drummer Gregory Hutchinson adding Brown's trumpet voice on only a couple of songs. A fixture in the New York jazz scene, Tine Bruhn served notice with “Entranced” that there's a new gun slinger in town and this debut is only the beginning.
- ejazznews.com


"Entranced" (2009) - Available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon

Partial list of radio stations airing Tine Bruhn's "Entranced":
Radio X, 91.8 FM Frankfurt, Germany
Soulstation Frankfurt, Germany
AnimaJazz 91.6 FM, Italy
AccuJazz Chicago
WQLN, Connecticut
Women Of Substance (www.live365.com)
Kanal Jazz France

"Go For It" - Kvart i Fire (1996)



Tine Bruhn's debut album "Entranced" is a beautiful collection of mellow, yet groove-based originals, 2 contemporary pieces by Joshua Redman with Tine's lyrics, songs by McCoy Tyner and Djavan, and a Swedish folk song arranged as a jazz waltz.
The record features Maurice Brown on trumpet on two of the tracks and the stellar rhythm section consists of Daniela Schächter (pn), Marco Panascia (bs) and Greg Hutchinson (dr).

Tine Bruhn moved to New York City in 2001 after having graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since then she has performed at some of the city’s best music venues including The Jazz Standard and The Cutting Room. Once a month Tine and her group of outstanding musicians perform at the well-know jazz club Zinc Bar in downtown Manhattan.

Born in 1978, Tine grew up belonging to the Danish minority in Flensburg, Germany. At the age of 15 she founded the a cappella group "Kvart I Fire" which gained high recognition in Denmark and Germany, especially after its release of the CD "Go 4 it" in 1996. The group kept an average of 3 performances a week during their high school years and they were requested at many official functions as well as private parties. Additionally Tine sang in classical choirs including the highly renowned semi-professional youth choir “Landes Jugend Chor Schleswig Holstein” and “Jugend Kammer Chor Flensburg”. Around that time she discovered her passion for jazz and started getting solo gigs.

In Boston she continued performing in a cappella settings, one of them being the "Vocal Jazz Ensemble" under the direction of Sharon Broadley-Martin, a Vox One member. She studied with Sheryl Bentyne from Manhattan Transfer, Walter Beasley, recording artist, Richard Evans, Grammy award winning arranger, and legendary scat educator Bob Stoloff.

In 2009 the Tine Bruhn Quartet went to Europe where they played sold out venues such as B-Flat in Berlin. A tour in the fall of 2010 is in the works.

"An auspicious debut. There's a new gun slinger in town and this is only the beginning." (ejazznews)

"Mesmerizing, moving music.. Tine Bruhn sounds terrific and leaves 'em wanting more! " (JazzImprovNY)

"Nothing short of hypnotic." (Jazz.com)

"Tine Bruhn came, saw and conquered with her eminent NY-Trio!" (Jazzin Vejle, Denmark)

"A solid and throughout beautiful debut album."
(Gaffa Music Magazine, Denmark, August 09)

"Tine Bruhn is a romantic leaving listeners Entranced" (O's Place)

"Tine Bruhn jazz singer extraordinaire. Her delivery of the tune ''Search For Peace'' was stunning!!.. Cogent performance.. "
(George Carroll, Cabaretexchange)

"Wonderful recording, and listeners especially dig 'Tears' and 'Baby, Let Me Love You' "
(Rob Hoff, Radio Host, Jazz Flight WQLN)

Now on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and more.

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