Tin Feet

Tin Feet


Red Hot Butt Shakin' Roadhouse Blues!


Collectively we bring nearly 115 years of music experience to the stage, rock, funk, punk, metal, country, reggae, jam, fusion, jazz, bluegrass, and of course blues! Some purist would say that what we do is not blues, but blues was born out of what people felt in their soul, and that is definitely what drives us in our music! So, maybe we are alternative blues? ;) One thing I can tell you, is we love to play, and our music is contagious. Before you know it you're gonna be groovin' on the dance floor! Everything we do, whether it's originals or covers, definitely has the Tin Feet spin on it.


New CD "Feets Afire" and most of it can be heard at www.soundclick.com/tinfeet

Set List

Slow Intense Blues, Red Hot Blues, Alternative Blues, Latin Blues