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The best kept secret in music


"Tin Feet Prooves They Know The Blues!"

Emily Lullo
In the crowded Gutter Lounge as last week's "Battle of the Blues Bands" went down, the air was aflame with energy. The room was packed with blues fans of all sorts taking in the raucous display of the music they love. After almost eight full hours of nonstop, hard-hitting blues, dancing and drinking, the dust settled and a victor was chosen. By the time the final band strummed its last note, the winner was obvious.

The winner of the competition was Tin Feet, the last band to play. Frontman Daniel Richardson, known to most simply as "Slim," said the group is elated and honored to have won.

"We all have the mindset that when we walk on the stage we are there to raise the roof," said Richardson, vocalist and harmonica player for Tin Feet. "We are prepared to do it, so it never stops or slows down 'til we leave the stage."

Tin Feet consists of Richardson, 52; Raul Maysonet, 50, on guitar; John Fountain, 47, on bass guitar; and Travis Jackson, 29, on drums. The quartet met in May during a "Monday Night Blues" session at the Gutter Lounge, but only officially formed the band about six weeks ago.

As winners of the competition, Tin Feet will go on to represent the Blues Society of Northwest Florida in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tenn., in February. With its winning combination of talent, style and soul, this group is certainly deserving of the title.

No one envied the task of the judges, who were looking for excellence in the categories of blues content, originality, stage presence and talent. While Tin Feet took the grand prize, The Darren J. Trio and Liquid Alibi took second and third places, respectively, and Memphis Annie won in the category of solo/duo acts.

Though the competition was focused on blues music, there was a wide variety of sounds among the groups that performed. From the funky blues jams of Magic Boy to the sizzling sound of the rowdy Memphis Annie, each performer had his or her own take on the genre.

Richardson says Tin Feet has fun being inventive with its sound, which combines old and new forms of the blues and other types of music.

"Our sound is best described as 'red hot juke joint roadhouse blues,' which is a culmination of the best of all genres of music with a little smoke and fire!" said Richardson. "That in itself opens the door for us to be creative and push the limits of the blues genre, making us quite different than many of the other blues bands."

Taking the stage in authentic blues-style attire -- dark shirts and slacks, cool hats and cooler shades -- Tin Feet looks just as impressive as it sounds. Richardson said the band's look is influenced by its blues heroes, and it may help them out in competition as well as during regular gigs.

Each member of Tin Feet exhibits his own distinct stage presence, with Richardson captaining the dream team by belting soulful vocals and lighting harmonicas on fire with his breath.

The group rounded out its sultry set with a jumping rendition of Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperial's "Chicken, Gravy & Biscuits," and few in attendance could resist the urge to get down and dirty on the dance floor.

When the winners were announced about 11 p.m., Tin Feet took the stage to accept its victory, and Richardson declared his exhilaration at seeing so many people there to enjoy the event.

"I've been working to bring a change here in the Pensacola area, trying to get quality live music reestablished in the clubs for some time now," he said. "So for me to see an event where it was standing room only all night, of people coming to support the blues, well, I haven't stopped smiling!"

A coolly exhilarated Richardson stepped outside after leaving the stage for a quick smoke before another interview. After his big performance and before some serious celebration, he just wants to say that through it all he's here for one thing.

"I'm just about music," he said with a smile. "Not just the blues -- all music."
- Pensacola News Journal


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Collectively we bring nearly 115 years of music experience to the stage, rock, funk, punk, metal, country, reggae, jam, fusion, jazz, bluegrass, and of course blues! Some purist would say that what we do is not blues, but blues was born out of what people felt in their soul, and that is definitely what drives us in our music! So, maybe we are alternative blues? ;) One thing I can tell you, is we love to play, and our music is contagious. Before you know it you're gonna be groovin' on the dance floor! Everything we do, whether it's originals or covers, definitely has the Tin Feet spin on it.