Hard working, hard rock/metal band, becoming well known in the local scene for talent and a high energy live show. Tinnitus continues to move in a direction that will grow a solid fan base and reach those that seek this genre of music worldwide.


Hard Rock/Metal band Tinnitus, one of Winnipegs hidden gems, has a way of taking different elements of hard rock and metal music, and blending them into a sound that is all their own! Based out of Winnipeg Canada, the band began to collaborate in early 2007 and go on to quickly create a list of songs that would catch the attention of local fans. Adding in an energetic stage show, had created an intense and explosive live performance that was leaving fans wanting more!

The band would go on to win local talent searches and band battles, that would soon have them playing at many festivals in and around Winnipeg along side some big named acts, and quickly winning over the attention of their fans and the people who had come to see them.

In 2009, the band had proceeded with a line up change that would quickly be solidified with some hard work, and improve the musical and live show performances giving the band a new edge and stage presence that is rarely touched by other bands!

With a new 10 song album, Clearing the Way, released in mid 2009, Tinnitus now strives to push the boundaries and make a mark in the entertainment industry while building a foundation based on world wide exposure!

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Booking Email: tinnitusband@yahoo.ca


Clearing the Way - 10 song album released on July 4 2009.

Set List

Typical sets are about an hour long in which we play about 12 songs ( 1 set ). Usually we will play 1 cover in the set and keep it in the same genre of hard rock/metal.
In total, we have around 15 original songs, and a few cover songs we can include, providing roughly a 1.5 hour set.