Takoma Park, Maryland, USA

Alt-folk and Celtic: traditional songs and tunes of Ireland, Scotland, the UK and early America with a world/acoustic rock flair and post modern sensiblities


Tinsmith is a high-energy folk band that plays the traditonal music of Ireland, Scotland and Appalachia. Citing influences from Blues to Bluegrass, from Funk to Jazz to mountain music, they bring traditional songs and tunes into the new century. Known for their fun and energetic performances and for the taste and delicacy of their arrangements, Tinsmith has been making audiences dance since 1998.
Led by core members Rowan Corbett (guitar, bouzouki, bones, djembe) and WAMMIE Award-winning vocalist Brooke Parkhurst (banjo, Irish flute, tinwhistle), the group also includes superb bassist Henry Cross and their most recent member, guitar and mandolin virtuoso Avril Smith.


Evening Sun

Written By: Iain Matthews

Hey ho, down in the mine
Tug on the rope, give the bell a good chime
Supper's on the table, day's all done
Papa's on the stoop with the evenin' sun

Little boy lost, little boy blue
Pretty maid say, "How do you do?"
Black dog chewin' on a favorite stick
Never gonna teach that dog new tricks


Blue bird fly to a sacred place
All God's children fall from grace
Preacher been givin' them a second look
Nothin' they say gonna be in the book


When papa get done with Six-to-Four
Pay no mind to work no more
Rap on the front door, hang up a sign
Mama and papa hava pretty good time


Put on your good shoes, throw on a dress
Mama's gonna shine in her Sunday Best
Clean up the children, day's all done
Goin' to a dance in the evenin' sun


The Grey Funnel Line

Written By: Cyril Tawney

Don't mind the wind or the rolling sea
The weary night never worries me
But the hardest time in a sailor's day
Is to watch the sun as it dies away

The finest ship that sails the sea
Is still a prison for the likes of me
But give me wings like Noah's dove
I'll fly up harbor to the one I love

It's one more day on the grey funnel line

Every time I gaze behind the screws
Makes me long for St Peter's shoes
I'd walk on down that silver lane
And take my girl in my arms again

It's one more day on the grey funnel line

Oh Lord, if dreams were only real
I'd have my hands on that wooden wheel
And with all my heart I would turn her 'round
And tell the boys that we're homeward bound

I'll pass the time like some machine
Until blue water turns to green
Then I'll dance down and I'll run ashore
And sail the Grey Funnel Line no more.

It's one more day on the grey funnel line


1999 - Here Be Dragons
2002 - Jigsaw (Limited Edition 1-100)
2002 - Jigsaw
2005 - The Flash Lad (EP)
2007 - An American Wake

Set List

Evening Sun
Madam I'm a Darlin
Julia Delaney/Eddie Kelly's
Erin's Green Shore
Morpho Peleides
Bolts & Locks
The Black Fox
Pretty Little Indian/Ducks on the Pond
The Royal Oak

We usually play at listening clubs and concert series where we typically do two 45 minute sets, however we are playing more festivals now which usually require a 30-40 minute set. We do few covers, most of our repetoire is traditional with very modern arrangements (though we are very conscious of not losing the original flavor of the song or tune).