Tin Sprocket

Tin Sprocket


Tin Sprocket is an original rock band with a sound that is catchy and fun, yet soulful and deep, influenced by, well, everything. The group's live delivery is in-your-face and powerful, all the while retaining its soulful, humble integrity.


Tin Sprocket is an original rock band influenced by many styles of music, comprised into a unique sound that is delivered with endless soul and energy. All six members of Tin Sprocket vastly contribute to the end product, which includes powerful vocals, multiple part male/female harmonies, tight rhythm section and intertwining melodic guitar work. The group possesses a fresh stage presence that grips the audience, challenging them to have as much fun as any given band member while simultaneously reaching into their souls.


2006: 'Tin Sprocket'
2008: 'Out Of The Blue'

Set List

Higher Price To Pay
Giving In Again
Nothing To Come Home To
Get Ya Some
What You Could Do
Mama Mama
Faded Smile
Word To The Wise
Communication Overload
Remember the Day
Loosen Up
Long Way To Heaven
Shining Star (Acoustic)
Come Too Far For This
You Make It Happen
Don't You Know

Give Me One Reason- Tracy Chapman
Talkin' About A Revolution- Tracy Chapman
Hopeless- Train
December- Collective Soul