Tiny Glover *

Tiny Glover *


Glover's desire to connect with his audience and his fresh approach to stand-up creates spontaneous audience participation and plenty of unforgettable moments.


Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Kenneth “Tiny” Glover got his professional comedic calling thirteen years ago and the world hasn’t been the same since. Glover believes in doing “clean comedy” - and he practices what he preaches. His mentors include George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Dick Gregory, Bob Newhart, Richard Pryor and the late Flip Wilson.

Always a crowd-pleaser, Tiny’s show is not about tired routines or rehearsed spontaneity, it’s about audience driven, interactive, high-energy entertainment. The result is a trip for all to Tiny’s world, a place where lightening wit, improvisational theater, and genuine desire to connect with people combines for the total comic experience.

Contrary to his name, Tiny generates big laughs and more and more colleges are discovering what the lucky few have known for years - Tiny doesn’t just perform comedy, he is comedy!