Tiny Lungs

Tiny Lungs

 Long Beach, California, USA

Tiny Lungs is a 3 piece indie rock band with a 90's emo sentiment. Drawing comparisons to Cursive and Cap'N'Jazz. All of Tiny Lungs recordings have a focus on lo-fi home recording techniques that lend to what has become their established sound.


What kind of band goes on a national tour with only 10 songs and 3 months under their belt? Tiny Lungs. Drawing influences from various turn of the century indie/emo acts, Tiny Lungs plays a sort of emotional, melodramatic rock and roll. They've toured the country, released and sold out of two ep's, and have had drinks in America's oldest gay bar.
Tiny Lungs has a short summer tour coming up with friends Joyce Manor, along with the recording of 'Downey', what will be the first full length.


Tiny Lungs - S/T CDEP 2010
Tiny Lungs - II CDEP 2010