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"Tiny Machines: Naked Punk"

It seems that most modern punk bands aren't sure where the line is that divides post-hardcore and Emo. Tiny Machines, however, go right to the root of punk rock, aggressively sharing their power-chord-driven, angst filled anthems with a thunderous cry of edge. Together, this quarted from Long Island is well on it's way to embark on a musical journey....

read the whole thing on our myspace. www.myspace.com/tinymachines

- Aquarian Weekly (NJ) 6/08


"A Likely Story..." (12/2007)

Currently available at www.myspace.com/tinymachines



Miniscule Mechanic Mayhem:
A Tale of Tiny Proportions

Once upon a time, in a far away land (more specifically Long Island City, NY) Tiny Machines came together to produce pure audio magnificence. After their first two hours as a band, two songs had already been written (that's For What It's Worth and Pushover, for those of you keeping score at home). It would only be a matter of weeks until Tiny Machines gelled into a cohesive unit. This unit, as it turned out, was pretty incredible; but only because each member of Tiny Machines is pretty remarkable on his own.

Supplying the thunderous, heart-pounding back beat for Tiny Machines is Tom "Showcase Showdown" Chiodo. It's not just Tom's intensity and break-neck speed that are appealing; but more so his ability to convey emotion strictly through two drumsticks.

Completing the rhythm section is the always amazing and talented, Mr. Jon Keilson. A master of the four string bass, Jon can even kill it on a five string if you ask him nicely. Recently switching over from drums to bass, he is just vocal chords away from making the whole Tiny Machines record by himself!

On guitar, Disney produces melodic mayhem. Hailing from NYC, Disney Prawatyotin has been playing guitar since the tender age of 12, and he's got the biceps to prove it. Disney is also quite the collector; he has amassed an array of guitars that would put even Lester William Polsfuss to shame.

Rounding out the fearsome foursome is vocalist Adam Brozik. His talents go way beyond singing. Not only is he both an engineer and producer, but he is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to driving the Tiny Machines touring van. A Long Island native, Adam's profound lyrics and energetic presence are captivating. His untouchable style is sure to set the standard for all who come after.

So what lead up to that fateful day in a smoky Long Island City studio?

Since the fellows in Tiny Machines all wear many hats, Adam Brozik (vocals, engineer) and Jon Keilson (bass, producer) have their own recording business. While in the process of recording Tom's (drummer, drumstick breaker) now defunct band, said band broke up. Since Tom had an instant connection with the aforementioned audio masterminds, he asked them to start a side project with him. Through much convincing and maybe a little money under the table, Jon and Adam said yes. As luck would have it, Disney Prawatyotin (guitar, guitar buyer) was free to come on board, and had been eager and waiting to start a band with Tom since they met back in 2001.

It would only be a matter of weeks until Tiny Machines fused together and wrote the six songs that would launch them out of New York City and into... well, Great Mills Maryland. The official birth of Tiny Machines was their first show at Park Rock Festival in the wonderful city of Great Mills. The show went so well that the band headed straight back to their home base to record "A Likely Story", their debut EP which was released 12.25.07.

Following the release, the band set out on a DIY two week tour of the east coast. Tiny Machines wowed audiences from Asbury Park, NJ down to Tampa, FL and back up to York, PA. With a tour under their collective belt, Tiny Machines will be perfecting their sound by playing shows throughout the quad-state area. World domination is just around the corner! All in all a happy ending; and so it was, a happy ending.