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"Artists To Watch in 2013"

When it comes to bands that fit “the wave," La Dispute was the first to mesh half-spoken, half-shouted poetry with ambient guitar and hardcore influences. But armed with twinkly guitar and weaving yarns of heartbreak and growing up, Tiny Moving Parts does it better. Mike Kinsella may have started the Midwestern emo movement, but does it get much more Midwestern than recording a debut full-length in Fargo and having an interlude that samples Brett Favre’s (first) retirement speech?

Tiny Moving Parts already have the jump on the competition — the band released “This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship" earlier this month. Sparkling guitar riffs and rough-around-the-edges are par for the course in a genre packed to capacity with bands, but Dylan Mattheisen and Matt Chevalier shout out some harrowing confessionals. It’s a record about holding steady, staying strong and having guts, and boy, does Tiny Moving Parts have guts by the armful. The Midwestern emo revival was knocking on the door in 2012, but Tiny Moving Parts will kick it down in 2013. Bet on it. - Property Of Zack

"This Couch Is Long And Full Of Friendship Review 9.5/10"

You’ve probably never heard of Tiny Moving Parts. They’re the sort of band that you might stumble across if you’re pretty heavily into your emo, but otherwise, your life is probably lacking Tiny Moving Parts. Well, now’s the time to fix this. The Minnesota band have just released This Couch Is Long And Full Of Friendship and if you’re planning on listening to only one midwest emo/skramz/twinkle daddy record this year, then this record is probably your best bet. Tiny Moving Parts, despite their young age and relative lack of experience have created one of the best records that this scene has seen in quite a while.

This Couch Is Long And Full Of Friendship further develops the sound that the band built up on 2010’s Moving To Antarctica. The record is a melding together of all of the different parts of the genre; occasionally twinkly guitars make way for walls of sound, spoken vocals make way for screaming, and the lyrics set positive and negative out alongside one another, whilst always wrapped up in a layer of likeability and realism. Opener “Dakota” sets the album off to a smooth start of spoken vocals and soft guitars before building up to the rest of the release. Throughout the album, things never get too fast or too loud, but this certainly isn’t a quiet record. “Along The Lakeside” and “Vacation Bible School” are both extremely heavy tracks, but Tiny Moving Parts have an ability to control the loudness and channel it through melody and a somewhat inexplicable catchiness. Whilst, overall, the album is quite spasmodic, it never becomes challenging or inaccessible, thanks to both Tiny Moving Parts ability to rein themselves in at the right time, and also their heartfelt songwriting.

Throughout the release, the listener is greeted by a barrage of highlights. The aforementioned “Along The Lakeside” is absolutely wonderful. The track is fashioned in a start stop mode, with its jerkiness giving it a strange groove, that leaves the listener tapping their foot whilst still crying about the futility of life. This part of the review is where I usually go on to talk about the best tracks of the album and then I touch on the weaker tracks and where they could have been better. I’m not doing that this time, though. All of the tracks are highlights, without failure. Tiny Moving Parts have crafted a very rare excellent album, and as someone who spends way too much time listening to sad boys screaming down microphones, I find this album to be better than the 99% of its peers.

Overall, if I sound like I’m fangirling, damn right I am. This Couch Is Long And Full Of Friendship is absolutely a credit to its creators and is an album that everyone should check out. If you’re looking for your new favourite band, looking to get into this sort of music, or just looking for something to listen to, Tiny Moving Parts are the best new band you’ll have the luck of stumble across. Watch out for these guys in the future.
- Absolute Punk


Still working on that hot first release.



Tiny Moving Parts are in many ways a family band. Founded by guitarist Dylan Matheisen and his cousins Matthew and Billy Chevalier, the group have been playing music together for the past 10 years. On their latest effort, This Couch Is Long & Full Of Friendship, they have honed their sound - combining mathy indie tunes with influences like Thursday, Tera Melos and more. The album is due out on CD via Black Numbers and on vinyl through Kind Of Like Records on July 9th.

Look out for the band on tour with The Front Bottoms this summer.