Tiny Power

Tiny Power


Tiny Power has lot's of punch but can mellow it out and use dynamics to build on. With the guy/girl vocal approach this also lends to the softer/ harder song arrangements. Kinda ...Arcade Fire ...Queens of the Stoneage-esque..


We hang out an practice in Oakland..Had our first release "Somethin' for Your Trouble" in Fall 2006. We are working on new songs for a follow up EP for late summer 2007.
We had keyboards for a while but ended up stripping down to a 4 piece just before recording" S.F.Y.T.".
Joel brought a lot to the band when he joined.
He and Lorin have been good friends forever! Natalie and Mark are married going on 3 years in July. They have been together since the summer of 1999.


Somethin' For Your Trouble 2006
The title track was played on Live 105's Local Lounge twice in 4 weeks and ranked 6th for the reporting period.

Set List

Out of Nowhere
In the Sky
Now that Your Gone
I Had Time
The Great Distraction
Somethin' for Your Trouble
Your Number
Let Her Go
Wrote You this Song

No covers

Set is 40 minutes right now