Tiny Speakers

Tiny Speakers


"Tiny Speakers" arrived in '08 from the break-up of Chicago's reknown indie rockers, "THE ITS!". Fronted by ex-ITS! members, Eric Quinlan & backed w/ bassist Nicko, with Neal Ostrovsky (ex drummer for the Webb Brothers) filling up small clubs and recording 45's.


When Tiny Speakers frontman, Eric Quinlan (ex member of THE ITS!), is asked "What does your band name mean?" He will be the first to buy you a cup of coffee and talk about the way we listen to music today."We are injecting ourselves with audio from the second we leave our homes until we go to bed" he continues, "If someone sneezes or tries to 'Indiana Jones' it up the stairs of an L station to catch that last train to work, there is always someone mindlessly 'plugged-in' further detaching themselves from our social world to either say "gazoontite" or move aside to let others pass. Since the invention of the portable audio device such as the cassette walkman we have been on a steady decline all the way to the mass-wide popularity of the mp3 player, more specifically, the iPod."

Eric, who does not own an iPod or mp3 device himself feels there are two sides. "In one respect, we are severing ourselves from all the little nuances of sounds and inter-social experiences of our outside world that artists have thrived upon as inspiration for centuries. We are now patrons at a three-dimensional movie providing the soundtrack on shuffle at less than a dollar per song. On a positive note, I do appreciate all of the advancements in technology and as collector of music myself, the thought of having my entire library fit into my pocket to play/pause/shuffle on command is a dream come true and will probably give in soon enough; of course with caution to my environment. I'm just a sucker for not only the little nuances I find aurally and socially but, being able to lay on your back, turn your stereo speakers up, spin a slab of vinyl and push some air through a room. Hoping that method will reduce my risk of hearin loss before im fifty!" he laughs playfully smiling at the now empty cup of joe.

Tiny Speakers' sound is a splashed arrayment of colours, syncopated rhythms and sincere captivating melodies ranging from multiple time periods of pop, rock, reggae, psych wrapped in the independent working artist's heart & soul. Comparisons in craft and energy have put them next to the likes, as well as influences, of The Clash, Swervedriver, Crowded House, the Replacements and more. Eric Quinlan's voice has been best described to represent what it would sound like if a split 7" between, BabyShambles/Libertines front man, Pete Doherty & the Everly Brothers melted together in the humid, hot, Chicago summer sun and then spun on a broken record player Blake Norman found at a goodwill back in '94.


Tiny Speakers have started working on their first studio recording
at B-Side Audio in Chicago.


Just To Say

Written By: Eric Quinlan

"Hands up" I've always let them cuff my tongue to their walls.
"Stand up" others tell me softly as soil falls.
I'm holding back now so, how will I ever know.
Holding back now, they will never know...

I have to try so hard just to say,
Try so hard just to say no.

"Get down" off that chair there's no fooling anyone that you're a king.
"Look down" I don't want to wear your crown, just to stand on my own two feet.

I'm holding back now so, how will I ever know.
Holding back now, they will never know...

I have to try so hard just to say,
Try so hard just to say no.

I try so hard. It makes no difference.
I try so hard. It makes no difference.

I have to try so hard just to say,
Try so hard just to say no.


TINY SPEAKERS - "Under Your Static Call"
(1st 7" EP - due out late Spring '09)

THE ITS! - "Just To Say"
(M!STAKES PWMD-008 Single myspace.com/theits)

Set List

30-35 minute set


We are so new, it's hard to tell what we will
pull out of our hat...but, there are over 20 songs
already in the mix.