Tiny Tide

Tiny Tide

 Cesena, Emilia-Romagna, ITA

Tiny Tide Swing Lessons are held at Studio Sonda Pool, located in Cesena Gasoline Halley. Tiny Tide is a learn-to-rock program designed to teach children to feel comfortable in the groove.


Live shows are supported by Manuel (Bass/Violin), Dendrix (Guitar) and Mike Leffe (Drums).

Recordings and live see the contributions of Porlock (Piano), WildHeart(Arrangger) and Simona Rovida (Vocals).

Tiny Tide has self-released a fist EP called ”The Ronta EP”. This work also includes a remix of the single “Girls from Ronta” by Da Wikked and two covers: “Girlfriend”, their English version of Mexican pop stars Belanova and ”Go Ego Go”, by the sweden indie friends Lacrosse.

”Girls From Ronta” featured in many indie radio shows in Italy, Luxembourg, UK and California.

It’s 2008. Girls From Ronta appears on the international compilation “Pop Nation Vol.3” by Bon Vivant Records, sharing the album with Friday Bridge (SW) and Ladybird (FR). Mark joins Philip Lockwood (le bleu) project ”The Rise and Fall of… LeBleu”, writing and singing the track ”Rock in the Empire”.

Tiny Tide shared the stage with Santa Dog (UK), Ladybird (FR), Holmes (SW) and Les Fauves (IT).

The band is actually working at their first long playing debut (“Febrero”).

2009 and it’s time to release a second EP (“The Wild Heart EP”), featuring electronic versions of some songs recorded by Wildheart and the single “The Smiths and the cure”, with the whole band.

Mark collaborates with the American artist Marilyn Roxie on her first thematic EP called “Earth” with a track named “Plain Little Game”. On the same year Fabio Benni from The Man Avec Les Lunettes join Tiny Tide for a Left Banke cover of “Walk Away Renee”

On September 2009 Mic Starr changed his name in Mike Leffe.

On 2010 Mark Zonda completed the recording of the “TenneT” demos starting to collecting new material on “The Rainy Room”.

Tiny Tide is part of the Vulpiano Records collective.

Mark Zonda is also leading the on-line music indie magazine “SleepWalKing Magazine”,

Check tiny music at their official site: http://www.studiosonda.com/tinytide


The Smiths & The Cure

Written By: Mark Zonda

"It all began with wires and flares, the virus spread
The images flew out of the sets
In every home, in every spot with worms and rats
the lepper stuck inside their brains

Not all the boys, not all the girls were drove insane
There's plenty that just didn't care
They live their lives, they love their wives, they lead them blind
A hope to neutralize the threat

The Smiths and the cure
The Smiths and the cure
The Smiths and the cure
Rings bell on smantic calls
The Smiths and the cure

And nobody wants to die
on a double-decked coffin in the dark of overcrowded London yards.
Nobody wants, they might
bow to find that penny
you drop from the eye
you won't stand to say goodbye

The line is dead do undestand that something changed
Still rumors are alive and cross the land
William, Keats and Joan of Arc are back together
They're waiting for Cleopatra to get Wilde

They pulled their socks, they made it work, it was defeated
The anemics got free from evil funks
The new romantic cult stares at Manchester strange ways
They're back from graves to dance, that's what they get...

The Smiths and the cure...


Written By: Mark Zonda

Fix is
just a name in a machine screen
and circuits
running high scores on a dark board
any single cabinet
hold three letters hard to get
who will ever top that perfect best now

Fix will
come again another summer
brand new ace songs from the dance box
Any single that we play
is a a moment meant to stay
it's the sound of our perfect best so

What you're gonna do in Avalon?
Are you gonna play and sing alone?
What you're gonna do ina Avalon?
Are you gonna stay and get along?

Face it
You felt better with your cheat codes to
break it
saving time for second chances
while now moving with no clues
it's the hardest thing to do
Looks like how we always thought it should now

Feels like we're trapped in the wrong box
With no supplies at all, but tools
Nobody holds the instructions
to get rid of all the troubles of this clock-work hard to handle, so now...


Written By: Mark Zonda

Because you are the one
This answer my lover, is all that I'v got
Because you are the one
Who has stolen the other half of my heart

First time we met
Twas a surprise
I wasn't ready for your smile to arrive
I can suppose
You are a star
That's why my baby I'm leargning to fly

Because you are the one
The answer my lover - a sing in the sky
Because you are the one
Who has stolen the other side of my heart

The soul you warm, the body you dress
The air around, and even your scent
It's so divine, I must confess
Still I'm afraid
It could end in a mess

Because you are the one
I'm shaking all over
A quake in the night
Because you are the one
Who has stolen the other side of my heart

As you were brave like Bonnie Parker
It was a crime to run with you
They called the cops
And you got cuffed
But I opened up the door
Without you I was none

Because you are the one
The answer my love? - I look to the sky
Because you are the one
Who has stolen the other half of my heart


Written By: Mark Zonda

She was a girl with a mind on her own
She wasn'tsure she was wake and alone
Off on the floor was she called by the night
Fading from a curtain on her humble dressing gown
Here she's walking

Night birds and shadows are amazed and turn their heads on while the girl keeps on walking

Souls locked in prison are amazed by such a vision
still hey won't do the talking
and the girl keeps on walking
Through the park and the cold rails
Far away from the montains
She's walking

Bedtime stories
Will fad out in the morning
but the girl keeps on walking

Moon ground crowling just to see things falling
on the way of her strolling
but the girl keeps on going

She was a girl with a heart sour and kind
She was so tired of a life so untied
She closed her eyes as she laced off high tops
Turning all a sudden she's back from where she started


The WildHeart EP
8 Tracks

The Ronta EP
5 Tracks

Heaven EP (Mark Zonda)
7 Tracks

Feel The Blank (Mark Zonda)
15 Tracks