Tiny Water Flea Clocks
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Tiny Water Flea Clocks

Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States

Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




""A sophisticated sound with crossover appeal" - Live at Woodruff's"

Material: What's striking about Tiny Water Flea Clocks is the diversity and sophisticated manner in which their songs are arranged and sequenced. The set opens opens with the traditional stone country rave up "Horse Ramp." That's followed up by an infectious Van Morrison - flavored little ditty called "Calm Down." "I Don't Know Why" features heavily syncopated beats and an interesting tempo shift toward the end. Still, another tune , "Innocent Folks" spotlights funky grooves and Steely Dan inspired chords. Strains of classic rock converge with alternative rock and rootsy Americana for truly inspired songwriting and notable hooks.

Musicianship : This unit is a prime example of the try gist behind the sum being greater than its parts. No one shines as a star here, yet each member truly shines in his own right. Passage has an ebullient presence in his vocal delivery that recalls the power of Blues Traveler's John Popper; and his acoustic rhythm work drives the band. Lead guitar counterpart King offers just the right amount of tasteful accompaniment, summoning the spirit of Chet Atkins or James Burton. Bassist Gogola is noteworthy for his melodic lines that weave easily into the fabric of King's guitar establishments, while Diaz keeps the fires burning and fuels the myriad of tempo changes and stop-on-a-dime endings.

Performance: During the 10 song set Tiny Water Flea Clocks kept things flowing and fun. The audience was swept up in the spirit of the tunes and the band responded by keeping the banter short between songs. The stage demeanor was somewhat laid back but that did not affect the intensity or energy in the material one bit.

Summary : Tiny Water Flea Clocks might have a reputation as a band with a strange name, but there is nothing odd or weird about their material or the stage show. This Detroit area quartet have a sound that has crossover appeal on a number of fronts. Their original songs are accessible and radio-ready, yet have an artistry to them as well. The band possess a lot of promise and have major breakout potential.

Eric A. Harabadian
- Music Connection


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